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August Training Update

In the future, students need to bring a Thumb Drive of 64G or larger to class to download the class information. Instead of wasting money/time and resources on DVD’s and cases, I will have a multi-port USB attached to the classroom or shop computer that allows students to do a quick transfer to their USB.


We have been training a great deal of civilians this month to prepare them for what lies ahead. We start from scratch and work on the fundamentals and then end with weapon maintenance and function checks. We push them toward proper weapon set up and add-ons that help them tactically.

With that, everyone is concerned about what is to come. Everyone knows the Police are being vilified and that liberal government officials are controlling their responses and use of force. Liberal judges are letting the thugs back on the street to continue their illegal acts.

BLM is a major scam and everyone knows it. Otherwise Chicago would be their first target to fix. They are simply a paid tool of the left. With that, liberals, socialists and communists wish to bring us down to their level of mental misery. I prefer not to go there.

Also, I watch the corporate Bozo’s pile on the liberal train. That train is running off the tracks. I personally encourage everyone to boycott all professional sports. Anyone who takes a knee against our country needs to be addressed. Avoid all professional sports for at least a year. Crush them financially. Let China pay for them and their empty stadiums.

If local athletes start this crap, stop funding of the sports programs and let them scrimmage to empty stands.

This weak-minded thought process of kneeling bleeds over into the “Maskers.” It seems our weak government officials in Texas are pushing masks and that trickles down to businesses. Our liberal Nachoville Newspaper can only write about masks and COVID. Wear your non-standard, useless mask, but don’t require me to. I could list a range of other diseases that are more deadly than COVID, but we choose to ignore them and lead our lives. Keep your fear in your own lane and out of mine. You cannot go to Church to worship, but you can riot and protest without a mask. You are being played.

I have personally grown tired of their wussydom and have a hard time believing that our current crop of Texans grew out of the Frontiersman and woman of the past. Many of the maskers I see are overweight and more in danger of heart disease or diabetes than COVID. If mental weakness is a disease, we have an epidemic.

While the Feds are starting to target and pick up these radicals, there are only so many of these government good guys. They are in a battle with the turds on the street and also the liberal governments in which they are operating. It will help if they are pretrial confining these socialist and communist insurgents along with squeezing them for intel.

Other good news is that Conservative people are starting to organize and I strongly suggest you visit with local LE and let them know you support them. This “Quiet Majority” we always hear about is okay, but it is nice know they really exist. Pulling together on game day can be a tactical train wreck. Plan ahead now for pre-election violence and post-election violence.

Trying help police during a fight where you have not linked up/coordinated ahead of time can be disastrous. It needs to be done now. If you have been in a gunfight, you know you don’t like unknown surprises that pop up when things are tense or the bullets are flying.

In short, organize, train, prepare and coordinate with police now. They are on our side despite being vilified by the corrupt media in our country.

Tactical Thoughts

I am seeing more and more vehicle encounters with protesters or road blockers. One just happened in Austin where bad armed protesters approached a car/driver who was trying to get out of the kill zone and shots were fired. The vehicle driver killed the rifle carrying protester with the pistol he was carrying. This is one aspect of tactical training you need to focus on. Layer your response:

  • Avoidance if possible

  • Driving Away/Through without running over/hitting someone

  • Driving and using your vehicle as an impact weapon

  • Engaging with a Pistol First

  • Engaging with a Rifle

  • Fighting your way on foot if your vehicle is disabled

These solutions and training have to be part of your tactical thought process. I am a big fan of avoidance. When that does not work, I believe in a one-two go for the jugular response and then move out. If your family is with you, you have to think through this and they have to know their actions. You always need medical as you can get hit during the fight or when moving away.

When I watch the videos of these encounters, I see most of the protesters pissing themselves and running for cover when a shot is fired. That is reality. Most are cowards and do not wish a straight up fight, but are emboldened by numbers. They quickly realize they are helpless targets.

At CSAT, the pre-election future and our training will be flexible and fluid. If you have conservative groups wanting to train, contact me. I control the schedule and I can make things happen on short notice. Game day is coming and I don’t know what shape it will take. The left has been planning and acting. Conservatives need to be prepared as well.

The CSAT Way on Facebook

You can visit “The CSAT Way” on FaceBook for video updates.


This has been a slow time as I have numerous instances of LE training being cancelled by either liberal government officials, manpower issues or COVID fears. There is nothing like neutering training when things are heating up in our country.


I was told you could put a Gen 5 Barrel in a Gen 4 and get a bit more accuracy. The results are below. My experience now is to just buy the Gen 5 of your choice and figure out what ammo it likes. I only shot some Fed 124 AE and Speer Gold Dot. The Target was shot with Gold Dot. I won’t waste any more time or ammo chasing accuracy on this concept. I could try other ammos in the test, but this is the bulk ammo I have and use. I shot this with two-hands at 25 yards holding 6 o’clock at the base of the bull.

It seems that my Gen 4, G26’s shoot as good or better than the G19. Finally, all my Glocks have the same style sights on them.


Not much to report.

I put bullets into several hogs this month.

I did hit a hog at about 820 yards with my .308, but think I gut shot it due to the residue left in the spot they were rooting. There was not enough energy in the bullet to do much damage. The herd ran off.

In the future, I will up load to a heavier/hunting bullets. The Fed 168’s I am shooting drop off at 900 yards.



Work continues and with the rain, mowing is a priority.


I have put out a book on Amazon, The CSAT WAY. It is self-published and just shy of 300 pages. My concept was to put out a shooting manual for my instructors and let those interested in the system have the same knowledge. There is a note column on the sides so you can take notes and the format is much the same as Leadership and Training for the Fight.


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the range.

Paul R. Howe

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