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March 2021 Training Update


In the future, students need to bring a Thumb Drive of 64G or larger to class to download the class information. Instead of wasting money/time and resources on DVD’s and cases, I will have a multi-port USB attached to the classroom or shop computer that allows students to do a quick transfer to their USB.


As we weather the latest cold snap, we have to step back and look at priorities. The left would have you invest in “Green” energy that does not work when it is cold and would have you freeze to death, rather than work on a logical and incremental energy agenda.

Next, we might just want to stabilize and reinforce our power grids before we send money to Pakistan for gender studies.

As I write from my Nachoville location, I do venture out and see the world from the ground level time to time, only driving on trips. I drove through five states recently and then drove back through 5 states. No real issues to talk about other than the occasional masking requirements in gas stations to leave my DNA.

Roads were getting worked on, life looked about normal. Americans were living their lives.

Looking at the bigger picture, our government is running amuck. As usual, they lie to get into office and then disregard all the promises you made. It is the new norm. Greed is the only consistent factor in their personal motivation. They legislate through Executive Order.

One of many problems not making the news is the skyrocketing crime rates in large democratic cities and the weakening of our police and military. More people are killed in Chicago than in combat zones. Take a guess what race they are? I know, it is racist to call out a fact these days. I know, I hurt some liberal feelings. Suck it up.

Liberals are more organized than conservatives. It is a fact. The problem with conservatives is that, they are independent, to a fault. They don’t organize until the enemy is at the gates and they take too many causalities once a dust up happens because of their subtle arrogance.

Next, wealth breeds arrogance. I see it with some students who are well off and want to show me all the hardware they own, but who cannot shoot, clean or maintain it. I might piss off a few students and readers, but I see many conservatives who are wealthy and lazy with a false confidence in the small arsenal they have amassed, with out of shape bodies and no knowledge of how use their tools.

Liberals succumb to “Emotional History” and want to change the world with no direction but chaos. They learn partial or mandated history in schools by teachers who cannot articulate the economic and social impact of government decisions and problems in the past. Nor can they bring in the human element to the equation.

  • Liberals should be pissed about all the tax money (their money as well) that goes overseas for what? To come back to their politician’s pockets?

  • Liberals should be pissed that our Army is being weakened in the search for social injustice (witch hunt/purge), where there is none. Yes, there are politics in the Army as most Generals are politician’s and not leaders.

  • Liberals should be pissed that foreigners/illegal immigrants get vaccines before they do.

  • Liberals should be concerned with voter fraud (unless it is in their favor).

Liberals are simply emotionally unstable and will continue to be that way until they are set straight. They are similar to the playground bully until someone stands up to and puts them on their ass. This setting straight can come hard and fast with compassion or without compassion. It can be a permanent adjustment or a less-lethal of sorts.

What the left also fails to understand is that we all have to live here. We have to live in houses and communities. We have to drive to work. We have to park in parking lots and go into buildings that support us and our families. Corporations who support the left are in the same boat, but at higher levels. They have many more toys and properties than the rest of us that can be impacted when times go bad. Corporate heads are not like the English rulers of the past who ruled from across the pond. They are across town.

I also watch many churches who are islands or independent empires who do not play well with other churches and live in a false reality of their security and independence. Their independence has been chipped away by the government. Further, their conservative status has been vilified second to that of law enforcement.

As a simple Texan, I like to go back and forth to work and to be left alone. I try to unplug as much as possible from the left leaning media as I can and still stay informed.

The problem with unplugging totally from the media is that you do not know what stupid stuff our elected officials are doing and how they are enriching themselves off our work. I for one pay too much in taxes for it to be sent overseas to countries who cannot get it together.

These are just a few random thoughts for those out in America trying to make it day to day in this circus we call life. I wrote one e-mail this month with the following words:

Yes, our country is on an uncharted course. Denial in the minds of many or should I say the passive mentality of "it will not happen" is playing out.

While the liberals lack the "enforcement" arm like the Nazi's had prior to WWII, they are in a simple situation of trying to disarm the most heavily armed populace in our world's history. Fortunately, they have not erased history to the point that people can simply a point to a time in their lives and remember the actual events that unfolded such as Germany in WWII or the North Korea of today.

Personal accounts of history should be mandatory reading in schools so that liberal professors and teachers cannot inject their skewed views of the past.

Interesting times.


We continue to work on new video content for both the Patreon Operator and Patreon Instructor.

You can visit “The CSAT Way” on FaceBook for video updates.


I would also recommend looking into the following programs/sites when you have time. They are all free, secure, and can be installed on both smart phones and PCs:


We have a limited amount of ammo that can be purchased for classes. It was purchased at the current higher prices, so expect it if you need some.


Consulting vs. Dedicated Class

Sending a team to CSAT can be a logistical hassle in regards travel and coverage for the agencies venue while they are away. Further, a week of training at a host agency sometimes causes individuals to miss training because they are available to be recalled for administrative tasks to include court.

While dedicated classes away bring the team together in comradery and information reception, it can cause a logistical strain.

Next, sending one-to-two select individuals to a class to retrieve the information and bring it back is challenging as well. The two individuals must learn the information and the rationale why it was taught and then try and deliver it back to a collection of type “A” personalities who wish to trouble shoot it. Ego’s and empires come into play during this process.

Long Term Consulting may be a solution to this. While personally I hate long trips and hotel rooms, passing information a month at a time may be a better solution.

I will travel for up to 3 hours for a one-day training trip for agencies interested in me coming in and observing, consulting or delivering a training day.

The cost will spread out over time and the fiscal year and not one large fiscal distribution.

More importantly, the information will be passed during routine training days, not disturbing the officers work schedules, shifts, etc. The instructor will be back the next month to answer any questions that came up reference the last training day and then new training days will be presented.

Further, the instructor can help the host agency maximize their ranges and training facility for future tactical and patrol officer training.

Instructors can avoid a month if unit/agency duties require the team’s manpower for special events like fairs or community historical days.

At CSAT, I prefer to constantly groom unit leadership and prefer to do a hand off where leaders and sub-unit leaders pick up the training ball. In many cases teams simply do not know how to efficiently do this and may need an outside set of eyes.

Initially, it does take some time to make this happen depending on how advanced the unit is in their training program. Once the unit leadership feels comfortable with the amount of training received, they can only bring back the instructor for training or exercise evaluations.

With all training, the agency has the final say on what training they receive in what order. It is up to the instructor to safely and logically sequence it for effective training.

The Tac Pistol or Rifle and Medical classes will be medical technical skills to stop the bleeding and stabilize the patient. We will do a firearm block day 1 to prepare you for live fire medical scenarios on day 2. We will build on 4 core modules in the Shoot House that you are likely to encounter on the street, ranging from self-aid after the contact, to patient recovery from a hallway to self-aid under fire.

The Knife Defense/Offense Class will show a shooter how to layer both the pistol and the edged tool. You will learn how to respond with hands, edged too and firearms in various scenarios and how to escalate and deescalate situations.

Next, we will offer a Red Dot Class for those who wish to shoot a great deal of modules on a flat range and in a Shoot House.

Finally, if there is an interest, we can offer a “Female” only class as I have a great Female Shooter and Instructor who passed my Instructor course here local.

Next, with the current situation, CSAT will be offering “Patriot Tactical Training-PTT” which will cover actions that may be needed during these dangerous times. You will need to have a Basic Rifle and Pistol courses prior to attendance.

The first Level I PTT Course will deal with vehicles, two-person CQB, Rescues, Security positions and much more.

These courses will allow for barracks use and will start in January and mostly run on the weekends. If you have a group that wishes to train during the week, e-mail me.

If you want a civilianized Sniper Course, take the Long-Range Hunter.Also, I can put together group training classes.


None noted….


One of my instructors took these two down after a training day. He used 75 Hornady TAP.


One of my instructors showed me these and he learned of them from Reid at Valor Ridge. They are my new favorite mag pouch that fit tight and clean against the body.


The Bent Hornets fit nicely in a front pocket or off side carry behind a magazine pouch.

For information check out @bcbladeworks on instagram or BC BladeWorks on FB. You may also email for questions or special/group orders.


Not much to the report. We cleaned a bunch of tress/branches up after the first snow storm of 5-7”, then again a few weeks later. Our trees do not handle wet snow or ice well.



I am working on cleaning up my books that are stacking up and will get on another new read shortly.


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the range.

Paul R. Howe

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