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CSAT Instructors




Nick is currently serving with the Nacogdoches Police Department and is assigned to the Street Crimes Unit, which specializes in investigations of narcotics.
He is also currently assigned to the Nacogdoches SWAT team as an operator on the entry team and assists with planning and execution of team training.Nick is a CSAT instructor for both pistol and rifle, and also assists with firearms training for the Nacogdoches Police Department.
He assists in instructing both basic and advanced SWAT schools.

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Don is a graduate of the following classes here at CSAT: Tac Rifle Operator, Long Range Hunter as well as Advanced Individual Tactics.He is also a graduate of CSAT Tac Rifle Instructor/ Tac Pistol Instructor course.Don is a CSAT instructor for Tac Pistol Operator and Tac Rifle Operator courses and will also assist in Urban Defense courses as well as the Advanced Individual Tactics course He has a background in hand to hand combat systems




Coy is a former U.S. Army officer and an Instructor with ranks in multiple martial arts systems. Coy is a graduate of CSAT Tactical Pistol and Tactical Rifle Instructor Course. Coy is the Guardian Program Leader for local school district.

He is a student of armed and unarmed combat for 41 years and is an Instructor of Civilian, L.E. and Military in armed and unarmed combat for 21 years
Coy is recognized as a Master Instructor by International Martial Arts Hall of Fame 1998 and is the Co-owner of a self-defense school specializing in unarmed combat




Mark is a graduate of CSAT Tactical Pistol/Tactical Rifle Instructor course as well as CSAT Shoot House Instructor course. Mark has been a registered Nurse for 30 years.  7 years Critical Care and over 20 years as House Supervisor.

He is a graduate of CSAT Tactical Pistol/Rifle Operator, Close Quarter Tactics, Urban Defense, Extreme Pistol, Long Range Hunter and Advanced Individual Tactics (both Rifle and Pistol.


Cheston Thurman


8+  years Texas Peace Officer.

Active Shooter Program development lead at prior department.

Departmental firearms and tactics cadre on his most recent department.


15+ years’ experience with the CSAT system  and multiple CSAT  instructor certificates.

TCOLE Classroom and Firearms Instructor certified

Multiple instructor certificates,  to include Simunitions, distraction devices, specialty impact munitions, chemical munitions, and active shooter

Published author for Texas Police Journal and Texas Chief Magazine


Master of Education degree  - Texas Tech University

San Antonio College Law Enforcement Academy




Bryan is a 18 year veteran of a North Texas Sheriff's Office. Bryan has worked in Detention, Patrol, Special Crimes/Narcotics, and the Fugitive Warrants Unit where he is currently assigned as a Liuetenant . Bryan has been on his agencies SWAT team since 2005 and has been a team leader of both the Entry Section and Sniper Section and currently serves as the Tactical Commander. Bryan has received and instructed thousands of hours of tactical training. Bryan also spent 6 years in the United States Marine Corps where he achieved the rank of sergeant and ended his enlistment as a Marine Scout Sniper Instructor at 1st Marine Division.


Joe Swann

Highlights of Qualifications
16 years with a large metropolitan police department in Central Texas, currently a full-time firearms and tactics instructor  

Texas State University Institute for Criminal Justice Studies (ICJS) instructor

CSAT Tac Rifle/Tac Pistol Instructor, Shoot House Instructor

US Army Infantryman, Team Leader, Squad Leader

Relevant Skills and Accomplishments

Teaches Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Pistol and Rifle Courses, Building Search, Active Shooter, and Less than Lethal Options

Owns and operates a successful firearms and tactics company focusing on civilian and law enforcement training in various platforms

Plain clothes, narcotics, and dynamic entry experience

Street Crimes and Career Criminal Units (Repeat Offender Unit)

Competitive Shooter for his agency, Gold Medal two years in a row for Tac Pistol in the Texas Police Games


Spartanburg Community College 
IACP Leadership Academy-120 hours


Shawn Clary.jpg

Shawn Clary

Shawn is retired with 24 years of military service and 20 years at a North Texas Sheriff’s Office.

He spent 18 years on SWAT with assignments including sniper, entry, and Team Leader. Shawn was assigned to Narcotics/Special Crimes for 17 years, retiring as the Narcotics Lieutenant. 

Shawn was awarded the U.S. Army Distinguished Rifleman and Distinguished Pistol Shot badges and has provided tactical weapons training in both LE and military arenas throughout his career.

Has instructed for multiple training providers in both the LE and civilian sectors

Shawn also served in the Marine Corps for six years in the infantry which included an assignment to the USMC High Power Rifle Team. He later transferred to the National Guard, retiring as a 1SG.

He earned a Bachelor of Science from Liberty University. 

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