Been waiting awhile for this! Signed on and viewed each one. They are Great !! So glad CSAT has moved into this venue!

The CSAT Way will provide users with a tiered set of plans to access instructional and informative videos on CSAT training and tactics by CSAT founder Paul Howe and his instructor cadre.   There will be two tiers set up.  The Operator Tier will include videos on shooting and tactics and the Instructor Tier which include all Operator Tier videos and include videos on making better shooters and operators along with running a tactical training business. 

Our goal is to allow patrons access to up to date instructional videos on a variety of topics from tactics and techniques to how to improve as an instructor. 

We are currently offering two tiers.

The Operator Tier: 

This tier will have shooting tips, tactics, techniques, standards, and drills to improve your skills.  We will add 3-4 videos per month.  20 videos are available now.

The Instructor Tier:   

This tier will include all Operator tier videos along with videos on tactical Instruction, student assessment, running a safe range, and having a successful tactical training business.  We will add 3-4 specific instructor videos along with the operator videos per month.  10 Instructor tier specific videos along with the 20 Operator tier videos are available now. 

We have not been, as Paul said “letting a good pandemic go to waste.” We are very excited to bring you instruction in this medium and we want your feedback as patrons to what videos you would like to see in the future.  

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