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December 2020 Training Update



In the future, students need to bring a Thumb Drive of 64G or larger to class to download the class information. Instead of wasting money/time and resources on DVD’s and cases, I will have a multi-port USB attached to the classroom or shop computer that allows students to do a quick transfer to their USB.


Lots of factors in the mix here.

I, like most Conservative Americans, believe the election was stolen through technical and physical means. The voting systems both physical (voter fraud/ballots), machines and software were susceptible to manipulation. It was an embarrassment and shit-show to say the least. Further, mail in ballots have no chain of custody and no way to verify.

Democratic Leadership controlled the largest population centers and changed the rules. It is all being ignored by the main stream media. Power, money and the urge to control other human beings has taken center stage over what is right and good for the average American. The Nanny state is almost here. Most liberals are ignorant of the fact is that it can kill you as fast as a bullet or it can slowly strangle you, if you let it get out of control. It appears to be doing this now. You legalize drugs in some states and also talk about disarming the American population. Not a good message to send, but it has been sent.

On one side of the political extreme is the Democrats who seek revenge and control over conservatives. Their corrupt leadership will be hard pressed to keep their insane base in check. Liberals used violence and intimidation up to the election. No Democratic leadership condemned their actions. This has been constant harassment for four years.

Many elected Conservatives are wussies and forget the fact that they represent a large group of conservative people who value God, Family and stability. It is a tough situation for the Conservative American to stomach. All it would take is a spark to get this party started.

If the Federal Government does not take action at some point to investigate the elections, it legitimizes the left and their actions of the past four years. The Left will become more emboldened and their actions will be condoned. No future elections will be trusted.

Next, if the Government does not step in, the next layer to take action is the American People. This means Use of Force rules are out and it will be up to individuals and groups to determine what is “Reasonable.” We have seen what the Left sees as reasonable with attacks on police and businesses. So, I guess those are the new rules we play by.

Again, how the government handles this will be key.

We as a nation have allowed this pattern of conduct to be accepted as the new normal. It is not. We cannot rollover and let our country be taken from us by an organized crime group, the Democratic Party. To put it in perspective, letting Socialists and Marxists and Communists have control of our military and nuclear arsenal is insane, let alone our economy and the means to take care of our families.

Further, it appears the media is complicit in supporting the Democratic crime syndicate. Most major new to include cable news networks are supporting this coup. This also includes some corporations that are trying to exert their will over the average American.

Reading about the founders of our country, I see two camps. One wants a large government “Nanny State,” where everyone is taken care of equally. I see democrats wanting this so they can exert power and control over everyone. This is the problem with large governments and control. Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union had these and one only needs to study History to see the results. Democrats want absolute control of America and they are using their masking policies to gain compliance. They are trying to kill the spirit which made America great and stifle any type of initiative or patriotic pride. In short, Democrats are a class of weak sub-humans who wish to live in their historical guilt and see nothing positive about our country.

The other camp is that of limited government where people are individually strong and allow to pursue their dreams of either solitude or business ventures or both. They want a government to simply protect them and create a level playing field for their pursuit of happiness. These types of Patriots wish to self-develop and don’t need a government to hand carry them in their lives.

Next, the left has influenced the communication industry to include Facebook and their executives. These introverted computer wussies struck it rich in the software age, but failed to read the constitution and understand the rights of man. They overreach with control and censorship anything they disagree with or which conflicts with their earning a dollar.

As for the Conservatives out there, many are woefully undertrained (or not trained at all). Americans are trying to hoard ammo and decline training. Most are in poor physical shape and they cannot do sustained dry fire or dry tactical drills. Training is a mental and physical commitment. In short, most Americans are lazy and want to wear the badge of “Patriot.” They live in a fantasy Tactical Hallmark world. We will be adding special classes to help elevate the Tactical Fitness and Savvy of the average American and then more Advanced Classes for those ready for it.

As for the Corporate pile on to the Masking Agenda, this is the next step in political and corporate control of the individual. With liberal politicians mandating masks to the average Americans in their own home, they are overtly separating who is compliant and who is not. If they align government agencies to enforce these unlawful mandates, they can use these agencies to fine and punish good American Corporations for not enforcing illegal masking requirements. This will force LE to make choices in their response.

With this, what comes to mind in the civilian sector is Supermarkets and Grocery Stores. They could be squeezed by the government to enforce this mandate. We have seen how this impacts the Restaurant Industry. Control is what it is all about by the super-rich and their minions like Dr. Fauci. He in my opinion is a traitor to our country.

Another liberal target will be Churches as the left hates any thought of spirituality or belief in a higher cause. Liberals are self-centered and see themselves as the ultimate achievement in the universe. Unfortunately, many Pastors and Church Leaders are the peace at all cost type, even if they and their worshipers were being marched into a gas chamber.

In the end, we cannot go forward as a stable/legitimate country without fair and safe elections which I believe, did not occur. This downslide started with the Clinton corruption and was entrenched by eight years of Obama.

You can quietly rise up or be plowed under. As an American, the choice is yours.

The CSAT Way on Facebook

This month we shot over 10 new videos to include Low Light modules as it is that time of the year.

You can visit “The CSAT Way” on FaceBook for video updates.

Civilian Training

First, we will be running more one day classes in the future with low round counts, more dry-fire and tactical drills as tactical drills help reduce the amount of ammo you fire. The one-day courses will be linked together on a weekend so you can take both classes if you so choose.

One Day Tac Pistol

One Day Tac Pistol-Tactical Drills

One Day Tac Rifle

One Day Tac Rifle-Tactical Drills

Next, with the current situation, CSAT will be offering “Patriot Tactical Training-PTT” which will cover actions that may be needed during these dangerous times. You will need to have a Basic Rifle and Pistol courses prior to attendance.

The training will be individual, two person and team tactics. Course descriptions will be generic such as “Level I Course,” and you will sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) when you attend class. There will be Level 2-10 courses as well.

When you show up to the PTT Course, your weapon needs to be zeroed at 100. If it is not, you may be released from the course. Serious times require serious Americans. We will offer a one-day prep course prior to the two actual training days, the day prior to the course. You will be required to take notes, written and verbal and no filming will be allowed. It will be hyper-aggressive, yet controlled training.

Due to the ammo situation, you can adjust your volume of fire so as not to expend a great deal of your ammunition. It will be high reps and low fire volume. You will work in Team Based deployment scenarios.

The first Level I PTT Course will deal with vehicles, two-person CQB, Rescues, Security positions and much more.

Next, I am looking at running more one day training modules with High-Dry Fire and low round count. This will include more low round count tactical scenarios.

These courses will allow for barracks use and will start in January and mostly run on the weekends. If you have a group that wishes to train during the week, e-mail me.

If you want a civilianized Sniper Course, take the Long-Range Hunter.

Also, I can put together group training classes.

Serious times require serious training. More to follow on this…


Hang tough as America is behind you….


The only weapon issue I saw was with a Tavor Bull pup. The operator tried doing a press check on the weapon, using the bolt, vs. just pulling the mag and seeing if the round had been stripped from the other side of the magazine.

This is “Old School” and needed to be done on the MP5 Sub Gun as well. By attempting to pull the bolt back would unseat it and with no forward assist to help drive the bolt back into battery, you would misfire.


Quiet month. Pigs had babies and are keeping them in the brush. They are now teaching them how too root up dirt. The cycle begins shortly….


The Newest knife is “The Claw” at 7 3/4” overall with 3 1/2” blade.

I have always liked Tomahawks as a tool and weapon. This is one that I own where they added some additional “grinds” to it.

For information check out @bcbladeworks on Instagram or BC BladeWorks on FB. You may also email for questions or special/group orders.


Winter maintenance is upon us.



A good read on the thought processes that went into the Constitution and formation of our government from both sides. You can see the origins of today’s parties a how they wanted the government shaped in their image.



Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the range.

Paul R. Howe

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