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February 2024 Training Update



When attending CSAT classes in the future, please have the following:

  • Electronic Ears

  • Tourniquet

  • Thumb drive


The reasoning behind the Electronic Ears is simple. We want you to hear range commands on the line and during scenarios.  Input can be made without shouting.


As for Tourniquets, I watch many people who have one on their gear not use it as they don’t want to remove it from the pouch or the plastic.  If your tourniquet is so fragile that it cannot be used for training, you need to buy a different one.  You should have training tourniquets as well.  If you need one, the Pro Shop will happily sell you one.


Finally, bring a thumb drive as it has never been easier and cheaper to collect class information and handouts than at this time in history.



It looks like the CSAT YouTube page is taking off.  It is time to educate the non-believers.



We continue developing new video content for the Patreon Operator and Patreon Instructor. We currently have 227 videos on the site.


You can visit “The CSAT Way” on Facebook for video updates.


The Left’s Most Lethal Weapon?

 Affirmative Action-Making Equal Without Equality


One of the most obvious problems that has arisen this past month is Secretary of Defense Lloyd James Austin III and his medical issues.  The medical issue is not the problem; it is a leader who does not establish a chain of command and prepare them for such contingencies. 


This is a common core skill that a team and squad leader prepare for on day one of taking charge in an infantry squad.


Austin, a West Pointer, is rumored to be a mental box of rocks by other West Pointers.  The motto should be, “Get everyone through at all costs.”  This likely holds true to gender, skin color, and other liberal factors.


Sadly, Affirmative Action creates racism.  Anyone who has lost a promotion to one less qualified or has had to work for one less qualified understands. Those with a passion for work or their profession keep their quality of work at high levels and get AA types promoted. 


Former Harvard President Claudine Gay is a prime example of AA.  Both an intellectual thief and activist who cheated her way to the top, all the while thinking she was untouchable and that her sexual preferences made her untouchable—another foot soldier for the leftist agenda.


Weak leadership looks at checking blocks and not the health and welfare of the organization.  This is especially true in Government, where liberals can take control because of politics and mandate that the “dumbest of the herd” is in charge. The rest of America suffers.


The impact on our government is a weakened military. In other sectors, it causes government waste, fraud, and abuse, as can be seen in the Electric Vehicle debacle.

 Corruption in government is at an all-time high in my lifetime.  The American people have gotten too comfortable with the status quo and have forgotten history and the true meaning of the Constitution, those who wrote it and the history they endured.


 What harm can voting for the liberal left do? You see it play out daily across our nation and the world.  Liberalism is an experiment, an experiment gone wrong.



Only after three years has our Governor Abbott started considering closing the border.  For three years plus, we have been carrying buckets of sewage from the southern border septic tank to all areas of our house, or should I say America?


It sounds like Republican politics is in full swing.  Unfortunately, they are part of the problem.  Reactive and not proactive.  Or should I say it did not fit the political agenda back then?


It must be election time….



  Personal Mods:

  • Shield Steel Mag Release

  • Ameriglo Protector Sights

  • Flat Trigger

  • Stippling



  • Steel mag release- to handle Steel Shield 15-round mags.

  • Ameriglo Protector sights- in green and has a wider rear notch for fast pickup.

  • Flat Trigger- to see what impact it has on shooting.

  • Stippling- used for better grip the pistol because of the smaller surface area and lighter weight.


The G43X is a lightweight, flat, accurate, and concealable platform that can be easily worn all day. 


It is a perfect gun for Teacher Guardians.  The only issue is the shooter’s getting used to the recoil, as multiple shots can be “snappy” because of the weight of the platform. 


If you Cook, you know…


“Be sure to check in at for our line of Tomahawks and limited-edition blades.”




A bit of water flowed through Sniper Hill after a lot of rain. It will be down in 24 hours.


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the range.


Paul R. Howe

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