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July Training Update


In the future, students need to bring a Thumb Drive of 64G or larger to class to download the class information. Instead of wasting money/time and resources on DVD’s and cases, I will have a multi-port USB attached to the classroom or shop computer that allows students to do a quick transfer to their USB.


First, I just read that Nike will have $790 Million in loses and will have layoff’s. In a word, Outstanding. Americans need to punish Corporations/CEO’s, Hollywood and Sports Industry for speaking out against America and using their positions to get political. Kick them in their financial nuts.

We Americans are on track for a dust up. If we have violence now and we are months away from elections, lookout for pre- and post-election violence.

In general, Conservatives have gotten lazy and expect the government /LE to do everything for them to include their fighting. This attitude is getting our country into trouble. We are enabling the left to commit criminal acts without any repercussions.

I am working with conservative groups as I write in how to plan and prepare for the worse case scenarios that will play out. If you have questions, shoot them to me. I can spin up classes on short notice.

As I have written, the Mental is followed by the physical, by the Technical and then the Tactical.

Mentally, you must have the desire to survive and ensure your families survival. If you cannot get to the fight or get away from a fight, you need to improve your physical. Technical Skills or “Hard Skills” as I like to call them refer to your use of hands, knife, pistol, rifle or whatever other platform you choose to use to ensure your survival.

Once you have the first three tiers addressed, you need to work on your tactical as an individual, two person and as a group.

The Left has organized and has prepared. They are executing their battle plans and have plans for prior to and after the election.

Conservatives are just now searching on how to prepare. There are countless individuals who are ready and may band together when the time is critical. Banding together now will get ahead of the power curve will save blood on the floor should it come to a fight. I am a fan of avoidance, but I also believe in going for the jugular when you have to fight.

The NRA has the potential and the structure, but they are a leadership flop. In the Urban Defense Course, I teach how to organize locally and expand from there. This means you, your family and your neighborhood. Then other neighborhoods which encompass communities. This can spiderweb upward and out.

The positives with locals is that you know who the problem children are in your areas to include liberal politicians who are bent on destroying America. The other problem children are the “Opportunists” who are borderline criminal and turn bad when the opportunities arise.


When time, I submit letters to the opinion column of our local paper. These are two letters to our local paper this month.

A Trail of Tears

Impeachment Attempt



Mr. Floyd

The socialists/liberal left has been busy in its attempts to drag America down. Liberals have embraced Antifa and BLM as the combat wing of their movement and the left-wing media support and encourage them. Liberals use the cover of protests to bring in all sorts of evil doers to further their cause.

Liberal Governors, Mayors, City Managers and Law Enforcement leaders have allowed American Citizens, businesses and infrastructure to be attacked and destroyed. They have failed in their missions to protect and serve.

Next, when I read incoherent ramblings from our college educators, it makes me believe that we need psychiatric evaluations both oral and written for all professors and teachers who wish to educate our children. All the anti-police rhetoric in the paper indicates a mental instability problem in the US that has infected our educational institutions.

Yes, a police officer will make mistake from time to time. They also are the glue that keeps our country civil. Without them, western justice would solve a great deal of our problems. Militias would reform to keep the peace.

The police officer in the Floyd case probably used an old technique that he has gotten away with on many other offenders, both Black, White, Asian and Hispanic. Mr. Floyd is why the technique should not be used.

As for Mr. Floyd, he had choices in his life. He committed a crime, was on drugs, resisted arrest. He made bad choices. It is unfortunate he died. Would I want him as a neighbor? No. Does that make me a racist? No, it says I have standards.

If you are liberal and do not complain of all the Black children that are aborted every day or the Black on Black violence in the inner cities, you are a hypocrite.

My heart goes out to all the small business owners, Black, Asian, Hispanic, White who busted their butts to make a living and had it destroyed by a liberal segment of society who have no respect for anything but themselves.

Paul Howe


Emotional Retribution

A few Americans have let the left and media sway your opinions of the police by emotionally redirecting you.

I waited until the false narratives died down to write this.

I am not racist, but rather judge people on what is in their heart and in their deeds.

The left has embraced George Floyd as a martyr. He is simply a tool/excuse by the left, Antifa, and BLM to try and devastate America and our way of life.

New reports indicated Floyd was arrested for passing counterfeit money. He was arrested and died while restrained in police custody using an unapproved control technique. It is now coming out about Floyd’s condition and past criminal history.

Floyd was on Fentanyl and Methamphetamines at the time of his arrest.

Floyd’s criminal history is a long one. Everything from robbery to a home invasion where he stuck his pistol in a pregnant women’s stomach, telling her not to move while his accomplices robbed the house.

I am neither sorry or happy he died. I am neutral. If you do bad things, karma will catch up with you. That is life.

To paint the police in a bad light makes you emotionally retarded and mentally irrational. You must not want anyone to be held accountable for their actions.

I see a great deal of emotionally dysfunctional white people rioting and causing damage to a country that gives them a shelter and home. Liberal/democratic foot soldiers are Antifa, BLM and the common street thug. Their rioting and mayhem pushed race relations back 100 years.

Again, my heart goes out to all the small business owners, Black, Asian, Hispanic, White who busted their butts to make a living and had it destroyed by a liberal segment of society who have no respect for anything but themselves. Democrats have sacrificed them for their cause.

Think it through before you teach your kids about this time in life. Vilifying the police is not the answer, personal responsibility is. The Police have not failed. Society has in bringing up the next generation.

Paul Howe


The CSAT Way on Facebook

You can visit “The CSAT Way” on FaceBook for video updates.

Videos uploaded this month are:

A big shout out to Coy who is the cornerstone of the videos behind the camera and the editing. We shoot them as we have time.


Shoot House Instructor added, 17-21 August, Ames Iowa. Flyer should be on the website.

This applies to Firearms as well….


I will give the M & P’s a break this month and pick on Glock. I got the word that Glock will no longer produce the Gen 4 models.

With that, I will miss the finger groves. I believe that Glock let the Quality Control go on the Gen 4 G19’s as I have shot the earlier version and the newer. My older “control” guns shoot better than the new guns. It is probably best that they phase them out as I hate to outshoot my guns. I would rather have guns that are more accurate than I am. Plus, if you have to dump another $200 into a barrel to get more accuracy out of it, you might as well upgrade

The Gen5 Glocks are hard to beat for accuracy and the triggers out of the box.

It seems that my Gen 4, G26’s shoot as good or better than the G19. All my Glocks have the same style sights on them.


6.5 Creedmoor Hog

Nailed this one with a .308 at about 520 yards on Sniper Hill.


These Hornets are a wicked blade. I am torn between them and the Toothpick. I bumped the team to build the Hornet in one size larger as well.


Work continues and with the rain, mowing is a priority.



I have put out a book on Amazon, The CSAT WAY. It is self-published and just shy of 300 pages. My concept was to put out a shooting manual for my instructors and let those interested in the system have the same knowledge. There is a note column on the sides so you can take notes and the format is much the same as Leadership and Training for the Fight. Click on books to order.

The CSAT Way

Books I am working on…


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the range.

Paul R. Howe

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1 Comment

Jul 11, 2020

Paul, I'm a recently retired police office With 20 of my 25 years on a full time team in AZ. I've had the opportunity to train with lots of good people. My first class I ever took was an MP5 class with Phil Singleton. Out of all the instructors I've trained with, I respect your opinion more than any others. It seems like everyone I speak with feels like this pressure cooker we are living in is going to blow. To what degree we will see this civil unrest climax at, who knows. As we have seen recently if anyone thinks the police will be there to protect them from extreme civil unrest they are a fool. I total…

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