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June 2021 Training Update



In the future, students need to bring a Thumb Drive of 64G or larger to class to download the class information. Instead of wasting money/time and resources on DVD’s and cases, I will have a multi-port USB attached to the classroom or shop computer that allows students to do a quick transfer to their USB.


As another Memorial Day passes, my thoughts are simple. Everyday is Memorial Day because everyday in our Nation’s history, service members and Patriots have given their lives for our freedoms. Don’t just reflect one day a year…

State of Disunion

I watch current events unfold from rural America and I am amazed at how educated we profess to be, but how confused we really are. We put our most unworthy forward into political representative positions and expect miracles.

The latest accusation/diversion from the liberal left is “White Privilege or White Guilt.” Both are BS. Any short study of Genealogy will find that all races, religions and genders have struggled throughout history. We can all touch a time where this can be held true to every family and race-if you wish to dwell on it.

The latest pathic craze is to confess your white guilt or privilege, many by “Churchers,” or those who overtly profess to be part of organized religions. I see organized religion as small empires who do not play well together, many turning their noses up to other churches and faiths, believing theirs is the only God connected conduit to the afterlife. It could be coined “Spiritual Arrogance.” It is a lack of humility that can be found in any religion.

The notion that God put me in the wrong “skin” is counter to any faith. Believers should think that God put you in a being/skin and laid out obstacles in your life to overcome. For you to question that is arrogant in itself.

Next, as a successful person, if you feel guilty that your parents having busted their butts to give you a better life and now you have some notion of being ashamed, you need to redirect your thought process. Maybe you should live frugally and give to those around you in true need. Maybe this would help shape your sense of self-worth.

Nothing says you cannot set personal mental and physical goals and challenges in your life to help build your character. The alternative is to dwell in self-pity like some mentally challenged slacker. Why don’t you just put your mask back on.

I instead choose to see a country and constitutional framework that provides unlimited personal and collective greatness, if you choose to pursue it. You are only limited to your own life and work ethic, not your skin color.

Further, I see the BLM flags flying at our Embassies abroad. So now, our State Department supports a domestic terrorist group responsible for burning American cities? This is insanity at its best.


Police Support Groups need to form for when a National or State Crisis takes place and the already stretched thin LEO shifts are pushed to the extreme. Talk to any LEO and they will tell you, it is going to happen, they just do not know when.

The Left has made it a point to vilify police and to push street thugs as victims, such is the case of Floyd, the patron saint and habitual felon of the Democratic Party.

Ride along programs such as a Citizen’s Police Academy is a way of showing your support for LEO’s and a way to educate yourself of what they are up against on the street and in their own administration.

The current trend for law enforcement is to throw a minority into a leadership positions such as a Chief of an agency as a fix for all the problems of society and the department. In reality is crushes morale as it makes advancement no longer about performance, but of skin color which is Anti-American.

As always, the best person for the job should be selected into leadership. In short, those that have lived the example and earned it, should be pushed upward.

Local Politics and Nacogdoches Conservative Watch


Inspiring Change

Nacogdoches Conservative Watch (NCW) is a group of local Christian conservatives who desire to protect our town from the liberal socialist onslaught that is sweeping through cities all across our nation, and even the great state of Texas. We seek to hold our leaders accountable to constitution-centered, fiscally conservative leadership. One of our main goals is to seek out Christian Conservatives in our community to persuade them to run for local office

I have met with the leaders of Nac Conservative Watch and they are both passionate and professional about their mission. We at CSAT Support them.

I have watched as the local Republican Party has become impotent since the election. I see them as lazy “talkers” and not progressive actors in what is best for America.

I have been working with local conservative groups trying to coordinate efforts and duplicate them in getting local and state candidates pushed into open and upcoming political slots. It is slow going as generally conservatives are independent and do not like to play well with others.

This is especially true for churches. You might have a great candidate, but if other churches do not support them, much momentum and support is lost. Too many times Churchers look at minor fractional spiritual differences instead of the quality and moral compass of those seeking to represent them in politics.

In the end, focus needs to be centered on ensuring the voting system is fixed, otherwise it does not matter how many candidates and people you get to vote, it will be neutralized in the cyber world.

GOA-Gun Owners of America and Rachel Malone of Texas did a great job pushing pro 2A bills through our state government. It is another great organization to be part of.

More to follow on this….


Hang mentally and physically tough. You have a roof over your head, get to eat a full meal at the end of the day and take a shower. Others in the world, don’t get those luxuries.


We continue to work on new video content for both the Patreon Operator and Patreon Instructor.

You can visit “The CSAT Way” on FaceBook for video updates.


We have a limited amount of ammo that can be purchased for classes. It was purchased at the current higher prices, so expect it if you need some.


The Tac Pistol or Rifle and Medical classes will be medical technical skills to stop the bleeding and stabilize the patient.


WC 6.5-Over Pressure Issues-waiting on a WC Gunsmith to Technically Inspect it


Bent Hornet PH-About 1” longer on both ends.

New Design w/Hammer Head(Cool and wicked design-lethal/less lethal)


More Traditional 2


While we are trying to mow, it is a challenge with all the rain. I have sunk my tractor once this season thus far and talking with my farmer friends, I am not alone.


A few hog sign and that is all. They now have flipper.



I am working on cleaning up my books that are stacking up and these two are being read.


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the range.

Paul R. Howe

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1 Comment

Jun 24, 2021

Damn straight on all accounts. Good to have you here, Paul. I'm sure you will enjoy The 5000 Year Leap - it is a great book that I have promoted for many years! -John Spinuzzi

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