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June 2023 Training Updates

JUNE 2023



NEW FOR 2023

When attending CSAT classes in the future, please have:

• Electronic Ears

• Tourniquet

• Thumb drive

The reasoning behind the Electronic Ears is simple. We want you to hear range commands on the line and during scenarios. Input can be made without shouting.

As for Tourniquets, I watch many a person who have one on their gear, not use it as they don’t want to remove it from the pouch or the plastic. If your tourniquet, is so fragile that it cannot be used for training, you need to buy a different one. You should have training tourniquets as well. If you need one, the Pro Shop will be happy to sell you one.

Finally, bring a thumb drive as it has never been easier and cheaper to collect class information and handouts than at this time in history.


We continue to work on new video content for both the Patreon Operator and Patreon Instructor. As of 1 Jan 2022, we had 170 videos on the site.

You can visit “The CSAT Way” on FaceBook for video updates.


We have put together a “Small Unit Tactics” course for agencies that do not have access to a full Tactical Team. The first class will run in October and will be four days in length. It will cover both overt tactical scenarios and covert tactical scenarios to accomplish todays Law Enforcement missions. See the website for a flyer.


I was able to visit Bill Wilson and an old friend/mentor, Ken Hackathorn this month and shoot some videos, bullets and just have a great visit recalling Ken’s training history. These videos will be on YouTube in the near future on the WC Gun Guy channel. It was also a pleasure to see the Wilson Combat home base and ammo plant. Great people and great projects going on there.

Ken is a Training Legend and walking Small Arms encyclopedia. He is still lean and mean and is friendly to Infantry guys…


We have been busy teaching Guardian Classes this month. That is Armed Teachers and Staff for schools to augment School Security Officers and in some cases, providing the only security the school has until local Law Enforcement arrives in response to an incident.

The best solution for Guardian Training is to first take a two-day Tac Pistol course and then practice before you come to the three-day Guardian Course. In the Guardian course you must qualify with the pistol and also successfully complete a series of Hard Skill tasks.


I have been working on putting together a Run & Gun class/clinic. The first will be 19-20 August, 2023. Yes, it will be hot. We will adjust, we always do.

I have run set up and run three Texas Police Officer SWAT Challenges in the past at CSAT. The R & G will be tactically based. I am looking at running a formal competition in January 2024.

They are challenge to put together and calibrate, but I think I have successful formula that been proven in the past that will be challenging.

Being tactically based, there will be single CQB modules and discrimination. I will also include a medical module. It will be shooting and physical intense. Your own pace.

The train up class we are scheduling will give new and old students a chance to work out the bugs in their personal physical, training, shooting and equipment.

I can give you a physical training regimen at the same time.


A friend mentioned that he created a malfunction one time by shoving a lint covered mag in his pocket, into his weapon. You can find eyeglass cases cheap, if not free and they do a great job of protecting your spare mags.


From a friend who was on the road:

I'm sorry I won't get to hear it I hope it's recorded. I'm stuck in Detroit. Which was at 1 time the murder capital of the world.

Reality is no law will Stop any murderer. Long ago in England picking pockets was a capital offense. And yet people were caught picking pockets at public executions.

Force is the only thing that stops force. In Brazil when Bolsonero legalized civilian ownership of firearms murders went down by over 30%.

You might as well make cancer and hurricanes illegal at the same time, it will have just as much impact as new gun laws.


Our current Executive Branch of government has stretched the limits of ignorance for the entire world to see. Most of the world is tired of our arrogance and mobster like approach to leadership.

Bio labs in other countries like Ukraine in exchange for money laundering and crooked politicians to enrich themselves is the mark of a broken moral compass and uncontrolled corruption.

Our liberal politicians want “subjects” they can control and the only way they can do that is to disarm the American Citizens.

Obama overtly weaponized the Federal Government for political control and to extend the democratic pattern of corruption across our great nation.

American Citizens need to chose between being a “subject” or being Citizen with God given natural rights.

Everyone should read “The Fate of Empires,” by Sir John Glubb.

Closer to home, here in Texas, our State Legislature adjourned the 31st of May. There are several YouTube videos of our state representatives drunk during the session.

Yes, the Nacho Bubbas around here elected a professional drunk to represent them. Some people are dumber than shit. No wonder we cannot get meaningful legislation passed.


“Be sure to check in at for our line of Tomahawks and limited-edition blades.”


My friend and neighbor to the North killed this pig the other day. It was trying to kill one of his baby calves. A dirt nap was delivered.


Wet and the mowing continues….

With the warm temps, snakes are coming out. This copperhead was inside our work garage when I opened the door one morning.

I have drainage ditches in the back yard for the dogs to cross so they don’t get too muddy. 7” of rain in a couple of hours one night moved the bridge 10’ out of place and stripped the ground of all the leaves in certain areas. I pulled it back and anchored it with a 4 x 4 and a bag of concrete.



Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the range.

Paul R. Howe

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