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APRIL Training Update

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Going Green

In the future, students need to bring a Thumb Drive of 32G or larger to class to download the class information. Instead of wasting money/time and resources on DVD’s and cases, I will have a multi-port USB attached to the classroom or shop computer that allows students to do a quick transfer to their USB.

The CSAT Way on Facebook

I have spent a great deal of time working up an exceptional cadre. With their help, it will buy me time to work the electronic media side of the house. One will be Facebook. The other will be a FB Patreon Training Site.

You can visit “The CSAT Way” on Facebook.

"I hate to let a good Pandemic go to waste."

We have been busy these past couple months behind the scenes.

Since we are locked in, we have attacked three summer projects. • Book • Training Website-FB Patreon Site • Videos for Website

I have a shooting book to the copy edit/proofreader and will get it formatted shortly on amazon.

To dovetail into the book, we have been filming training videos that are more detailed and relevant than those of past. When we launch the site (Target NLT 15 April), there will be an Operator Tier and an Instructor Tier. We are still working on the pricing at this time. The Operator Tier will focus on the fundamentals of shooting and the how to. The Instructor Tier will focus on the how to instruct safely and how-to safely stair-step critical information for routine and high-risk training. It will include how to effectively teach and mentor students.

As customers, you will have a voice in content filming. We will put out a base-load of information and then ask for what you want to see, updating and including new videos several times a month (2-3).

It is time for me to start mentally downloading my person hard drive on what I know about training and what has been successful and what has not. I am starting to see a cycle of training come back into play of less than effective tactics and techniques that are being sold and new and improved. In short, I want to pass what I know is relevant to the next generation.

As for the Pandemic, I am a survivor of Legionnaire’s Disease and every other outbreak from then on. I have watched the media spread panic instead of positive solutions. This spreads havoc on the weak minded and the economy.

We don’t know if China did an accidental release, intentional or they just are eating a Chinese version of our possum/armadillo.

The democrats continue their sleazy way of life, political attacks and their self-serving quest to monopolize power. Much of the media aids in their corrupt mission.

Summer travel and classes

Because we have done our summer work(book/website), my summer is free to conduct classes. Contact me if you are interested. I can do LE or Civilian. Currently I am booking for June, July, August and maybe September

LE Corner & Training

Despite the Corona scare, we finished a Tac Pistol/Rifle Instructor and Operator class. It went well. In the class, I had two great officers from the Dallas Metroplex in the class who were also great shooters.

They told me that they teach the high port with a rifle to SWAT and Patrol because some former SF guy (Like me-now teaching), told them it was faster than the low ready. They demonstrated some on the shoulder, off the shoulder moves that I just looked at with wonder. It gave John Wick some competition in dance moves. I was slightly insulted that he lumped me into the same category with this SF type, but I understand he was civilian LE and did not know the difference.

I had another instructor set up two CSAT targets on the range next door and we went to seven yards with one of the Instructor Students who had told me the High Port was faster. I had him shoot. Here are the results

The slowest time from the Low Ready was faster than the fastest time from the High Port.

All rounds from both strings were in the kill zone. Five Shots were fired, one at a time from High Port and then the Low Ready. Low ready shots were much faster and more consistent in regards time.

In this industry, there is no regulation. I hate BS artists who tell LE things that can be easily proven wrong. They infect a tactical team with questionable tactics and then those tactics are taught to patrol by the SWAT guys.

Next, I had the T Intersection set up with three discrimination targets right and left, two with guns, one with a badge and the gun. I had one of the officers “take the T” as a singleton using the high port. He serviced the first person with a gun, missed the second on a scan, then picked them up once he fully exposed in the middle of the hallway. He shot the officer with the gun and badge. While his moves were cool looking, he overran his headlights and did not discriminate well.

The Low Ready is:

  • Faster

  • Aids more in discrimination

  • Keeps a hinge point for bringing the rifle up to a repeatable index point

  • Hand Combat with the rifle can be performed from this position

The High Port:

  • Loses your stock reference point

  • Blocks vision as you have to keep moving your muzzle to see

  • Is slower

Beware of Spec Ops envy. I don’t want to dismiss what any Special Ops or what any other soldier has done. There are various levels in the Special Ops community and I have seen guys pushed out within a year who become instructors and spread their limited knowledge and sometimes make stuff up. The problem is no one talks about the reason this person left Spec Ops, nor can anyone research their backgrounds. Occasionally, you can find someone legit who knows this person and can give you the real story, good or bad.

I try and give everyone a chance. My limit is when they take an agency/team that is proficient and has a good program and put them two-steps backward with questionable information and tactics.

As for me, I was assigned to a Special Forces Operational Detachment and wore whatever color beret they told me to that week. It is a piece of cloth on your head that does not stop the rain or keep the sun out of your eyes. I am proud to have stayed 11B, infantry, my entire career as I did not want to spend months and months away from doing my job, going to a school (Q Course), just to get promoted faster.


See Pro Shop for availability


Work continues and mowing/spraying has begun.


Pigs are getting thinned a few at a time.

Books Read

None at this time

In Closing

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the range.

Paul R. Howe

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Apr 24, 2020

I am so glad you addressed the high port vs low ready. There are an abundance of instructors that I have observed on various social media teaching the former. In my former life as a Marine, I went through CQB over 20years ago and again in 2011. We primarily focused on the low ready, in addition for the reasons you just mentioned the high port appeared to lend itself to increasing the likelihood you would flag a team member. I appreciate your post. I needed some validation I was not jut being dogmatic.

Semper Fi


Apr 22, 2020

Always taught my guys muzzle down, must see the hands and let the terrain dictate how low that would be. The mantra was the muzzle is depressed enough to see the suspects hands. CQB would have a lower muzzle than open country, down a hallway etc. The muzzle up, similar to the Duane Dieter power point, has become the rage as the former Team guys used it. Muzzle down is the way to go folks. Thanks Paul

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