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MAY 2021 Training Updates


In the future, students need to bring a Thumb Drive of 64G or larger to class to download the class information. Instead of wasting money/time and resources on DVD’s and cases, I will have a multi-port USB attached to the classroom or shop computer that allows students to do a quick transfer to their USB.



Both these negative products come from one type of politician, the inbred system type who has never been in the business or military world or has led people. Further, they have never risked their lives at anything or put their financial well-being on the line. They are products of an insulated “welfare” system of sorts where failure has no consequence. In the military and business world, it does.

Legislative Affirmative Action

This type of legislation comes from fantasy land equal rights liberals who think they can legislate human equality. It is impossible. Only the actions of the individual can bring equality in their life and to those around them.

We hear talk of corporate airlines who are going to dumb down their standards for those who fly their metal lawn darts. Not a good solution. I don’t fly as it is. I would not ever, knowing the driver was hired by their skin color or ethnicity. This is total BS.

For the pilots that actually proved themselves, it will create morale problems because they will likely be paired with a lackluster performer and have to carry them in their careers and who will now get promoted ahead of them by their gender, cross-gender or ethnicity.

"Activists and politicians are “riding the wave of dead black people in order to make money and get political leverage,” Tatum said. The BBC host then quickly ended the segment and thanked Tatum for his appearance."

Summed up in a few words, but anyone other than a black man or woman saying this would be countered with the word “racist.”

Legislative Harassment

This comes from politicians who have never been in the real world or the military and have been pampered by a welfare job their entire lives. They live in another fantasy land. They think by taking a freedom away, they can change a behavior. Another lie.

This can be commonly seen with the 2nd Amendment Issues or the COVID Response. Both are attempts at control by taking away personal freedoms. Again, total BS by a lackluster human being we can term as a weak or “social” politician. No leadership experience is generally the culprit.

My Political Friend

I had a discussion with a friend on a candidate they have known for 30 years and said they are the best person for bringing all sides together. I asked if they had any business experience other than the government or social programs and he said no.

I simply said they were not qualified in my book as they had no real-life experience in business or leadership.

Bleeding hearts tend to surrender natural and individual rights at a whim to accommodate perceived social injustices. Punishing the many because of the negative conduct of the few has never worked in any leadership style. We cannot take away sober driver’s cars because of a few drunk drivers.

Selection and Assessment of Political Candidates is the key

Idealism is fine, but it must be accompanied by experience, leadership and business experience. Our system is based off competition in the market and competition by employees who better themselves through their life and work ethic.

Constant mentorship and leadership must be practiced seeking out the most qualified for promotion. If a business leader does not apply these simple principles, they will have morale and business issues which may cause it to fail.

We must apply these principles to the political selection process, or we will continue to push bottom-feeders up the political chain.

Finally, when the U.S. Government competes with U.S. Companies in paying Americans to stay home vs. work, there will be a slide to socialism. Some people are lazy with little or no work ethic. In some cities is a generational lack of work ethic handed down to their kids.



Yes, a Veteran Officer draws their duty weapon instead of a Taser and puts to peace another criminal who refuses to comply.

The left and BLM rush to judgement and to collect another paycheck.

It is sad that these officers get more LGBTQ and Racial Profile training than firearm and Use of Force Training. Way more.

Yes, and certain races get a pass for being societal problem children. No, I am not racist, I look at the stats and talk to Officers in the field.

Soon, it will be up to Citizens to defend themselves as the police will be spread thin or they will not come at all.

It is sad, but some officers say they only stop white people now due to the politics of the situation and their weak leadership.


We continue to work on new video content for both the Patreon Operator and Patreon


You can visit “The CSAT Way” on FaceBook for video updates.


We have a limited amount of ammo that can be purchased for classes. It was purchased at the current higher prices, so expect it if you need some.


The Tac Pistol or Rifle and Medical classes will be medical technical skills to stop the bleeding and stabilize the patient. We will do a firearm block day 1 to prepare you for live fire medical scenarios on day 2. We will build on 4 core modules in the Shoot House that you are likely to encounter on the street, ranging from self-aid after the contact, to patient recovery from a hallway to self-aid under fire.

If you want a civilianized Sniper Course, take the Long-Range Hunter. Also, I can put together group training classes.


Wilson Combat G19 Gen 3

My Contact at Wilson Combat said they were going to start using the Gen 3 G19 to replace the Gen 4’s. I told them I would buy one, which they sent, so I could test.

The Gen 3 G19’s are a work horse and some instructors I know use them and they serve them well. I believe it will come with a Grip Force Adapter which I have used and endorse.

The new WC Custom barrel shot my training ammo (124 AE Ball) best while the Glock Barrel shot the 124 Gold Dot the best.

Talking with Precision Rifle builders, they do not know until they shoot their new build what ammo it will like best. They test generally the top five loads and then assign ammo to it for which it likes.

This particular pistol and will shoot training ammo through the custom barrel and Gold Dot through the Factory Barrel. Factory/Custom groups were about 2” at 25 yards, no support, two-hands (without the flyer).


Sig P320-Trigger Spring


TSS is up and stocked….



We are in the pollen season for two-months while 300 species of grasses and trees bloom. Allergy meds are in order. Mowing and Bush Hogging has begun.


Active Gopher Gopher Kong resting peacefully…

I am working on getting a “Mole” Coin for students who are able to kill one with a pistol while at CSAT. I have tried the poison pellets and gas bombs. Lead is the simplest solution. My eye picks up movement on the range when they start throwing dirt out of their holes. It generally happens when students are shooting or soon after. It is a vibration thing with them.

You can safely posture a few feet away from a hole and wait a few seconds. They will come and look at you. One Mole will account for 15-20 yards worth of ground damage.

Coins to follow…


I have killed two in the yard thus far this year. This big one was on the trail that I drag a tire on. The other was a baby Copper Head in the front yard the dog alerted on. My “Snake Stick” worked as advertised.


Get the book.



I am working on cleaning up my books that are stacking up and will get on another new read shortly.


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the range.

Paul R. Howe

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1 Comment

Jun 24, 2021

Your comments about politicians reminds me of the people KBR fielded as management over us in Iraq 2004. Morons (and, yes, that is a technical term )who behaved like children and who got soldiers hurt - ask any of the military leadership that were in Ramadi or Al Asad. We need to vet our politicians, and reducing pay to US median would be a good start!

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