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May 2023 Training Updates

MAY 2023



NEW FOR 2023

When attending CSAT classes in the future, please have:

  • Electronic Ears

  • Tourniquet

  • Thumb drive

The reasoning behind the Electronic Ears is simple. We want you to hear range commands on the line and during scenarios. Input can be made without shouting.

As for Tourniquets, I watch many a person who have one on their gear, not use it as they don’t want to remove it from the pouch or the plastic. If your tourniquet, is so fragile that it cannot be used for training, you need to buy a different one. You should have training tourniquets as well. If you need one, the Pro Shop will be happy to sell you one.

Finally, bring a thumb drive as it has never been easier and cheaper to collect class information and handouts than at this time in history.


We continue to work on new video content for both the Patreon Operator and Patreon Instructor. As of 1 Jan 2022, we had 170 videos on the site.

You can visit “The CSAT Way” on FaceBook for video updates.


We have become overly tolerant in society and I blame this on several factors.

  • Christian Values

  • Southern Politeness

  • Lack of spine to confront

We have let the AIE Entities of this world push us to the brink of collapse, both spiritual and financial.


  • Arrogant

  • Ignorant

  • Evil

Arrogance and Ignorance are a deadly combination. We have pushed these types into the leadership positions of our country and government. The U.S. has become one of the worlds “Mobsters” instead of leaders. AIE’s lack a moral compass. Being ignorant of history only compounds their problems. Politician has become an “enrichment” profession instead of service profession.

Intelligence, true intelligence carries compassion and strength. This is what the AIE’s lack. They are spinless and bow to peer and social pressure and go along with the group, right or wrong. They yell louder and push when they know the other side will not push back.

Christians find themselves in a mental maze trying to rationalize what is pushing back/standing their ground and what is violence. They have been told that non-confrontation is okay. This is why we have drag shows in public libraries. Mentally disturbed men sexually soliciting kids. Everyone who allows this to include city officials and librarians should be arrested and charged with solicitation of a minor and become a registered sex offender.

There are two genders, male and female. All other perceptions are mental disorders.

Next, Southern Politeness allows today’s genetic misfits to become embolden and push their beliefs on everyone to include kids and the educational system. Sometimes you just have to say “no.” AIE’s attitudes are different and not mainstream, many times a mental health issue. We have been trained not to say anything or confront which only mentally strengthens their weak moral and intellectual position.

Finally, many people without a spiritual base are simply too spineless to stand up for their God given/Natural rights. They believe that silent consent is good, any type of confrontation is bad.

Currently our government is a zoo/circus of AIE implants. We have always had a few. Obama and his minions accelerated the corruption in our government with CZARs, something like the old Russian oversight. The current freak show is running at full throttle and the rest of the world sees this. We do not have leadership; we have a power vacuum that is fighting internally and the rest of world is taking advantage of it to see how it plays out and who comes on top.

With that, we do not have a viable foreign policy or any fiscal discipline. We have a country of individuals who are waiting for the government to fix things. Just a blinding flash of the obvious, but our current government does not fix things, they are too busy screwing things up. The driver of the bus has passed out. Someone needs to step up and take the wheel.

This needs to happen in all the small and big cities of America. We have tried putting Races, Genders, Trans, LGBQT and all others in leadership positions and it has not worked out well. Why not go back to the old tried and true, proven leadership for the people. We are not racist or trans anything because we don’t cater to special interest groups with mental health issues and those who see politics as a profit driven profession.

Democrats started with:

  • BLM

  • Then ANTIFA

  • Transgenders

  • Now Massive Youth groups in Chicago to California

They use one group up and then front load another.


We have put together a “Small Unit Tactics” course for agencies that do not have access to a full Tactical Team. The first class will run in October and will be four days in length. It will cover both overt tactical scenarios and covert tactical scenarios to accomplish todays Law Enforcement missions. See the website for a flyer.


We will be offering a Guardian/Single Officer Instructor Class starting this summer. It will be a five-day course. The first two will be learning the instructor modules and the final three will be helping teach a three-day Guardian 1 class. The first will be 16-21 July.

Contact me for a flyer:


I have adjusted some classes on the calendar for the Fall to include putting the AIT (Low Light) classes back in November. You will see my name as lead on more classes.



Gen 4 G19 vs. Gen 5 G26

I carry a G26 (Gen 5) and sometimes go back to a Gen 4 G19 to make sure I made the right carry choice for me.

I do a few dry fires and then shoot the standards with one and then the other.

The G26 is a bit more ergonomic for me along with a slightly better trigger pull. The shorter sight radius is a plus in my book with the Ameriglo Green sights, a clone of the “Hackathorn” sights which come in red.

I use the “X Grip” on the G26 mags and it gives me a full purchase on my grip along with the ability to use G19 magazines.

I simply shoot the G26 better with less effort because of better ergonomics. I use the standards as a test to validate. Use some sort of standards to validate your carry gun.


“Be sure to check in at for our line of Tomahawks and limited-edition blades.”


I just started “Dis United Nations” and it is a good analysis of the world and the power struggles/issues. I only partway through, but recommend it and sent a copy to my daughter.

“The Founding Fathers on Leadership” is good, but I like it more of a history book than on leaderships. The author wrote another “Lincoln on Leadership,” but author does not have background on leadership or has never served, so his leadership analysis is lacking from my perspective. Again, I like it for the historical perspective.


Not much to report. Mole kills are up, hog kills are down…

Corncrete might be working on the hogs…


Wet and the mowing continues….



Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the range.

Paul R. Howe

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