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October Training Update



In the future, students need to bring a Thumb Drive of 64G or larger to class to download the class information. Instead of wasting money/time and resources on DVD’s and cases, I will have a multi-port USB attached to the classroom or shop computer that allows students to do a quick transfer to their USB.


October Surprises

All I can say is that liberals are insane. VOTE. There is no reason to talk with hard core liberals as it is just wasted oxygen. Most reasonable liberals see the writing on the wall. I see fewer Biden signs and some that I do are tucked away from the street, almost as if embarrassed by their choice.

As for Athletes and Celebrities, we can make them rich, but we cannot make them intelligent. Crush them financially through neglect.

Reference Preparation:

I just returned from a seven-state trip to my God Son’s wedding in the North East. I took one route out and one route back home. Driving and being observant, I did not see bodies in the street, burned out buildings, etc. I did not get mobbed or car jacked. What I did see was average Americans dealing with the residuals of the Scam-a-Demic and trying to do their jobs while masked up and dealing with the media hype and the government overreach.

It is a media game inflating the level of violence and numbers. While Louisville and other cities have problems, it is not in numbers that I am concerned about. Generally, the liberals have to shift their paid thugs from city to city as they don’t have enough. The media would like you to believe the numbers are there.

I think the problems you may see are with the typical crook or opportunist who takes advantage of the law enforcement backing off of their day-to-day pressure on the thugs that inhabit our society.

Should I be wrong, you now have time, take quiet rides around town and note where the BLM and Biden signs are. We did not start this war, but now is the time to get your recons in.

Reference the elections, prepare as if a storm were coming. That is, stock up on food, batteries, fuel your vehicles up and be prepared to stay at home for a few days. You likely have enough guns, ammo and gear. Just zero, clean and lube what you have. If it gets that bad, you can do a battlefield recovery on anyone that has been serviced.

I preach avoidance until you are forced to fight. There are many unknowns, but we have the ability to not inject ourselves into volatile situations unless necessary. If you do, don’t bring your family, but another like-minded individual who has prepared.

If you want to be part of the solution, ask your local LE if they have any support groups that you can be part of with either time, supplies or as security person.

If you don’t want to shoot too much ammo, you can do some dry vehicle work in your carport or garage to work on solving road problems. If anyone you know has done any type of military convoy work or PSD type missions, they can help you upgrade your vehicle.

Finally, if you find yourself not adequately prepared for the next 30 days, change your life after the election. You are the only one that can upgrade yourself, equipment and training. Like the car you drive, our Freedom in this country requires maintenance.

The CSAT Way on Facebook

You can visit “The CSAT Way” on Facebook for video updates.


Hang tough as we are all in this together.


None noted.


A couple of years ago I bought a used Savage .22 WMR rifle for pest control in the yard. We live on 5 acre lots in our subdivision and I don’t want to wake up neighbors with pest eradication in the early hours of the day.

I spotted this pig out back at about 0500 on the 4th of September and then found it on the 6th by way of the vultures. It went about 60 yards from where I hit it. I did a quick flashlight shot to the neck, hoping it would make it off my property. It didn’t, but the vultures/coyotes will have it picked clean shortly as they have it torn down pretty well already.

I did put a deer camera in the back to track their movement times and caught a coyote on the camera the next night. To add, I put a cheap solar charging white light out back as well. I have not picked up any animal movement at night while this light is on. The solar light stays on all night and charges during the day.

I use Speer 40 Grain Gold Dot Hollow Points and it makes quick work of Armadillos as well.

We were bush hogging sniper hill one morning and I jumped these just past the 800. They were in a herd of 10-12 pigs. They took off running, left to right and I fired one round with the 300 Hamr at about 120 yards and took both down. At first, I thought I had missed as I was using the Green Holosun to practice. When I pulled the buggy around, they were both DRT. I was using a 150 grain bullet.

I did have a neighbor’s cow about 100 yards past them and had to let them clear the cow back drop before breaking the shot. They were 10’ away from the brush line and freedom when engaged.

This herd has torn up many a spot bigger than the buggy past the 800 yard berm on sniper hill. I was able to catch them early about 0715. We spend a lot of time “smoothing” ground back out as it is rough on the tractor and the operator.


I co-witnessed the Holosun HE510C-GR with my irons and it is my favorite zero

magnification optic.

Tactical Folding Stock

One of my students put one on his rifle and wanted to zero his rifle after class. He informed me not to do the nose-to-charging handle technique as it will bump you in the lip/front teeth. It is well built and all those shooting, like their ruggedness and reliability.


The “Hunters” above and below are 8.25” overall with a 3.5” blade.

The steel is AEB-L stainless.

The handle is G10 with a fine texture.

The finish is an acid wash/tumbled. Available by clicking the pro shop link on the page or going directly to

For information check out @bcbladeworks on instagram or BC BladeWorks on fb. You may also email for questions or special/group orders.


The temps are starting to break and as soon as the ground temp changes, our mowing will stop. We go into fixing stuff from there.


FYI, I went through a group called fiverr to format and edit this book. There are a couple of grammar issues. I sent six revisions to them to check and proof to include spelling and grammar. They missed some and I am not sure if when they sent a revision back, another issue was added. At one point, I said screw it and printed the book. The message is there.

As for fiverr, I gave them a neutral review and no tip for their work. I envision a group of college students working in a circle on many, many projects. The QC can be lacking in that environment. Should I write another book, I will likely hire someone locally as a second set of eyes.

I have put out a book on Amazon, The CSAT WAY. It is self-published and just shy of 300 pages. My concept was to put out a shooting manual for my instructors and let those interested in the system have the same knowledge. There is a note column on the sides so you can take notes and the format is much the same as Leadership and Training for the Fight.


Just an observation. I have tried most of the energy drinks at one time or another to try and keep up in life. I have pretty much switched to the above brand. I did a couple of long drives tried an energy drink two-thirds the way through. It left me jittery and with poor sleep.

I did an 18 hour straight through on the way back and drank three of these over the route. No jitters, no hyper-ness and I went to sleep when I got home.

For those who are trying to ween yourself off the energy drinks, this might be an option. I drink one in the mornings instead of coffee.


“BAND OF BROTHERS” by Stephen E. Ambrose

First, it is a good book. I like the author as he was an “old school” Lieutenant who led from the front and gave credit to the fire teams, squads and platoons who really made things happen on the battlefield and throughout the war. He had a quiet distain for upper leadership as many former mil folks will relate to.

“BEYOND BAND OF BROTHERS” by Major Dick Winters

Read Band of Brothers first. Then read “Beyond Band of Brothers.” As a former Mil guy, I could pick out what Major Winters thought was important in what Stephen Ambrose either missed or glossed over. It says a great deal about the man.

I also like what Major Winters says about S.L.A Marshall and it gives lessons about how history is written for both personal and political reasons. It also discusses West Point and the politics of command. Sometimes things don’t change in 70+ years.

What I read indicated that the Platoon Leader of WWII was equivalent of Team Leader in Spec Ops today in reference to leadership on the battlefield. It was tough to pick out what their role in training was. I am working on one more in the series that I will have finished by the next web letter.

Worth the read.



Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the range.

Paul R. Howe

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