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September 2021 Training Update

Updated: Sep 6, 2021




In the future, students need to bring a Thumb Drive of 64G or larger to class to download the class information. Instead of wasting money/time and resources on DVD’s and cases, I will have a multi-port USB attached to the classroom or shop computer that allows students to do a quick transfer to their USB.


Afghanistan is another example of why we should not stay in a country where the people will not fight for themselves. We invested a great deal of our blood, money and energy in a place where the inhabitants need to be ruled and or fought for. Unless there is a strategic reason such as regional safety, why stay and endanger American lives?

Having been in the Middle-East many times, ruling classes create officer corps and officers and it becomes an inbred non-fighting force in many cases. While there are probably a few hard-dick units in Afghanistan, there are not enough to stem the tide.

We have been in Korea for 70 plus years and what it takes is a long-term commitment to the region and not just a short-term political stroke job.

Who suffers with the Taliban in charge? Everyone. To include our service people who quietly say to themselves, WTF?

Be proud that you served and did it for those on your right and left. It is okay to hate politicians and cheese-dick general officers as they are an extension of the American politician. They are an arrogant self-absorbed breed that will always be around in society.

Afghanistan is again, up for grabs….

The Generals who did not collapse the country, province by province and airfield by airfield, screwed up. Always pull security. Now we have dead American Servicemen and women as a result of our General Officer Corps inbreeding.

Our Generals were allowed to be sloppy by our “Failure in Chief,” Joe Biden and his the toxic waste he calls a staff. Protected by a corrupt media that helps drive our country further down into turmoil.

Finally, it is an embarrassment that the Brits are running active patrols while American Soldiers are not allowed to by their wussified chain of command.

I submitted the below editorial to the WSJ, but did not get a response back. You get to read it and here are my thoughts….


A lack of adherence to basic leadership principles and a moral compass has led to the dumpster fire we call Afghanistan and the political circus in the United States.

We can start with Afghanistan. I did not serve there, but in other similar places during my 20-year Army career and with my short term as a contractor while starting my own business.

Who are some of the key players to blame:

  • The President (Commander in Chief)

  • Military General Officers

  • Intel Community

  • Contractors

  • State Department

  • The Afghan People

In an attempt to neutralize and stabilize a terrorist breeding ground, we made a key mistake and tried to put an American style government in a place that it would not work. Any enlisted Special Forces Soldier (SF) would tell you it would not work.

We can start with the Afghan people and ask a simple question, “are they willing to fight for and maintain their freedoms.” If the answer is “no,” we might ask why we are there? If they would not fight for themselves, why should we? If we need to babysit a country to keep peace in a region, okay, I get that.

Reading reports that the Afghan Army was corrupt and the leadership would not give them the ammo, fuel or supplies they need to do the job, their unwillingness to fight seems reasonable. Again, ask an SF Soldier or American Service Person, they will tell you the deal. Our Generals will not. Afghan Generals will not for sure.

Noncombatant Evacuation Operations (NEO) is something the State Department is familiar with as they have had many Embassy issues over the years. I have been involved in stabilizing Embassies. This is not something new for the State Department or Military. Usually, the Military comes in and helps evacuate and provides the muscle to get it done as safely as possible. Where is the State Department and all their leadership in this mess?

If a phased draw down could not be accomplished, regional strong points should have been established. Having Kabul as one evacuation point was ignorant at best. Overland travel by Amcit’s (American Citizens) across large areas controlled by the enemy is dumb. Especially since we are relying on ‘Air Bridges” to move people puts a strain on the system. This should have been phased by drawing down one area at a time and reconsolidating forces as you collapse strong points.

Independent Contractors knew the problems, but did the leadership bring it up or did they just look at revenue streams and keep them going at all costs. Contractors are another source of intel as many contractors were former combat veterans. They could tell you in an instant if the Afghan Army could hold its own.

The Intel Community reported problems, issues and projections of what would happen. Did these reports fall short of leadership and were squashed for political reasons as has happened in the past? If they were ignored, who ignored them and why?

Next, Military General Grade Officers need much of the blame. Afghanistan became rotational ticket-punch assignment for generals who would kick the can down the road. Everyone Officer who rotated into a Command Position had a duty and responsibility to ensure American forces were prepared for problems and ready to fight and defend American interests and Allies.

General Officers are political officers in nature and most have left military values when they climbed the military’s political ladder. Having trained officers in ROTC, most of the good ones got out as Captains. Many who stay in, sell their souls for rank.

Finally, there is the President, Joe Biden. He is veteran of a corrupt political system and his mental competence is no longer in question. It is displayed for the world to see. His moral compass is skewed. Those around the President that pulled the strings on this fiasco need to be held accountable along with our evil media.

With the players I have mentioned, it is no wonder we are seeing the ineptness at a grand scale. Greed and egos have replaced traditional leadership values and I am amazed at who we elect to represent us at the State, National and International levels. It is way past time to clean house and re-establish who we are as Americans.

Lack of accountability in life and profession has got us into this mess. Accountability, now and in the future will get our country back on track.


Paul Howe retired after 20 years as Master Sergeant and served as a Soldier, Spec Ops Soldier, Author, Tactical Trainer who complimented his field training with education. Paul received a Bachelor’s Degree from Liberty University and a Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies from Stephen F. Austin. Paul served in multiple combat venues during his time in Special Operations.


The Capitol Police have become to the Democratic Party as what the SS was to Hitler in WWII. It appears they have sold their souls. Watching the video of 6 January, you see both sides of the dysfunctional organization.

First is the uniform side, who opens barriers and encourages protesters to enter. Some are even seen in what looks like a guided tour.

Then you have the Plain Clothes section who were a tactical soup sandwich at best. I saw and captured photos of more fingers on triggers when officers were not ready to shoot than in an untrained academy class. They were more of a danger to themselves, congressional personnel and to other Americans in the Capitol than the protesters were.

I hear statements being made by Lt. Michael Byrd, the officer who shot Ashli Babbitt that he saved lives. He is a political tool that was given a permit to murder an American and Veteran. It was a panic shot in my professional opinion. He was overwhelmed for a situation he was not prepared for. All the other officers with their fingers on triggers and no muzzle disciple are the result of leadership tools like Byrd. He is dumb. Box of rocks dumb. He was promoted for being dumb and controllable. That is a sign of corrupt leadership.

Further, several Capitol Police officers have committed suicide recent months. This usually comes from a feeling of helplessness where an individual sees no way out of a moral or ethical dilemma. I would suggest it is contributed to by a corrupt management.

The organization needs and an independent outside investigation to include the pulling of training records and the release of more video. In short, they have no credibility and their organization needs to be gutted. Some people need to go to jail. Some need to be fired. Some need to be retired. It will not happen unless someone in leadership with a moral compass is put in charge.

They are not representative of the many, many credible and honorable law enforcement organizations in America doing great jobs on a daily basis. The good Law Enforcement Officers look at this clown show in disgust.


The Long-Range Hunter course will still be available in the future, but will gear to a low number private type course. Let me know if you are interested and we will put it on the books with no more than 4-6 students.


We continue to work on new video content for both the Patreon Operator and Patreon Instructor.

You can visit “The CSAT Way” on FaceBook for video updates.


We have a limited amount of ammo that can be purchased for classes. It was purchased at the current higher prices, so expect it if you need some.


The Tac Pistol or Rifle and Medical classes will be medical technical skills to stop the bleeding and stabilize the patient.


The ground has hardened up after 7 days of sunshine and heat. Spraying, mowing and bush hogging are in order.


“Be sure to check in at for our line of Tomahawks and limited-edition blades.”


Not much to report, but the pigs are coming back.



I am working on cleaning up my books that are stacking up and these two are being read.


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the range.

Paul R. Howe

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