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April 2022 Training Updates


In the future, students need to bring a Thumb Drive of 64G or larger to class to download the class information. Instead of wasting money/time and resources on DVD’s and cases, I will have a multi-port USB attached to the classroom or shop computer that allows students to do a quick transfer to their USB.


We continue to work on new video content for both the Patreon Operator and Patreon Instructor. As of 1 Jan 2022, we had 170 videos on the site.

We wanted to stock the pond so to speak for the first year. We will slow a bit in adding content as some of the videos will take more time and resources to develop. One will be a well-rounded gym workout series targeting strength and endurance without injury.

I want to add more instructor content and that will require extra live bodies to work with in shooting those videos. I look forward to the challenges.

You can visit “The CSAT Way” on FaceBook for video updates.


2022 and countries still attack and invade other countries. While our “Woke” left worries about the different genders and what bathroom to use, citizens of other countries are fighting for their lives in the middle of winter.

It has been said, it looks like 1939. When the U.S. shows weakness, opportunists arise. Such is the case with Ukraine. We have a dysfunctional government that should not really be there. Our Foreign Policy is non-existent. This sends a clear message to all the former Soviet bloc countries that they need to maintain their military strength and unity with their neighboring countries as we cannot be relied upon. We don’t know what Putin’s grand strategy is. Is it one and done or will be like dominos? Time will tell. It is best to be prepared

It is like two mafia bosses having a turf battle.

As a Marine said about Ukraine in a comments section of an editorial, he said it “was a corrupt shithole.” Yes, strong assessment. He probably did embassy duty there. It is not America. Nowhere near the same standards.


Are we getting both sides of the story? Likely not. Our media in general is as corrupt as our politicians.

Or should I say agendas. Our government, Big Tec, the Media, all have agendas that are hidden from us. You cannot trust the media and both sides in the conflict. Also, Russia and Ukraine are masters of propaganda.

Having been in that part of the world, the former com bloc countries go through many changes to achieve capitalism and it will always be different than what we now have in our country.

We have to understand this, and this it is their journey as a nation to sort it out and live their lives as they see fit.

As for calling Ukraine corrupt, I really cannot because our government and leaders have not followed the rule of law in some time. If our so-called conservatives would do their jobs, the election fraud would be addressed and people would go to jail, if not executed for treason. Is it a coincidence that many of our politicians and their relatives do business with or have economic interests in Ukraine?

Could Ukraine have joined NATO? Could they have made better friends with the West? When troubled times come, it is best to have friends with guns. Lots of them. Instead, their citizens did not have a 2nd amendment they are now scrambling to arm their population.

Do I care for war? No. Do I like civilians getting killed and infrastructure destroyed? No. Sometimes relationships break down and it goes from diplomacy or the ballot box to the cartridge box.

Mostly, I hate innocent people getting killed while politicians and government types profit off it. This includes Russian conscripts who are kept in the dark and just have to follow orders. It looks like the rich fled Ukraine in their BMW’s early on and left the fighting to the common folks.

To continue on corruption, we have big Pharma that profited off the deaths of Americans by withholding drugs such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. When American lives are at risk, we should try all means to save lives, even if people and companies do not profit off it. Too many “White Coats,” Doctors forgot their oaths and purpose.

Now we have the Gas Industry jumping on board and making their money. I for one as an American, grow weary of our corrupt government who should be playing referee for a free-market system. They should be prosecuting everyone in all directions for corruption, to include the big Tech companies for censorship. Instead, our politicians are bought and help enable this corruption.

Unfortunately, we have a bunch of wussy, lackluster, so called Republicans that are the waste of a good fornication. You get what you send to represent you. Sadly, people keep believing their lies and continue to vote for them. This is why we have a dysfunctional country. We allow it to happen and do not require accountability or the rule of law to be applied uniformly.

One need only to look at Chicago as cesspool of corruption. If you are a gay, black felon, you get out of jail and lots of sensational media hype. Again, we have issues as well.

Finally, we are losing money on both ends of the Ukraine conflict. We buy Russian oil that helps subsidize Putin’s war effort all the while we are sending expensive arms to the Ukrainians to fight their former occupier. Hypocrisy at the highest levels.

Ukraine declared independence in 1991, over 30 years ago. They have had that time to build alliances and strengthen their military. They failed to prepare and now the U.S. is forced to fork over money, military hardware and special ops in what could be another failed mission.

Why not take all the funds and hardware and build up every other nation around the area who might be threatened in the future by Russia? Simply tell Putin, this is your one and you are done…

Finally, until we take fiscal responsibility of our nation, we are more in peril of losing our way of life than through armed conflict.

We need to reel in the Federal Government, re-orient it to level the playing field for the average American.

From a Friends perspective:

Hello Paul:

As always, I hope that this email finds you (& the HOWEs) healthy, safe and prosperous.

Several friends of mine recently asked me for my opinion about the Ukrainian situation and maybe a quick historical analysis. I wrote the following which really set some people back on their heels. So I thought you might like to read it too. I didn't write it as an Op Ed piece or letter to the editor - just my views. You can put it in your monthly newsletter (which I greatly enjoy each month), or share with your friends.

All of the local newspapers, editors and Op Ed pages no longer print my 'reactionary' views. Gosh, I forgot that Socialism/Communism has History and 'progress' on their side. Really? The best thing that Marx and Lenin ever did was to die (I celebrate Happy Dead Che Day).

I recently had coffee and conversation with several former-Eastern European associates that was very enlightening. It reminded me of the many Lodge Act Soldiers (most were Hungarian 1956 veterans) that I was blessed to know in the Army. They often know and see things much differently from other Americans because they truly know the curse of Communism..

Tidbit here - "They hate and distrust Joe BIDEN even more than Vladimir PUTIN." A little Eastern European humor and insight:

o PUTIN lives up to his name. HE PUT IN, but he will never PULL OUT."

o Marshal Josef STALIN appears in PUTIN's dreams.

Marshal STALIN, why have you come to me in my dreams?

Because I want to give you some advice about how to handle the Ukrainian situation.

Marshal STALIN, your advice is welcomed and is most valuable.

PUTIN, you must occupy and kill half of the Ukrainian population, then, paint the Kremlin sky blue.

But Marshal STALIN, why must I paint the Kremlin sky blue?

Because PUTIN, I knew that you would not argue with the first part of my advice...



The current situation in Ukraine reminds me of a burning house in our neighborhood.

It started as a domestic dispute which eventually got out of hand. The accusations, recriminations, attempted reconciliation and finally the very ugly split after a long, bitter divorce. There was never any way that this situation would ever end amicably. It just festered.

We all saw it going bad, badly going south and nobody intervened. We all believed that it wasn’t our business, and besides, it would somehow work itself out.

But, in reality, we acted like a new boyfriend who was happy that the woman was now free of her ex-husband. We told the ex-wife anything and everything to get in bed with her, and possibly create a little jealousy or friction with the ex-husband. After all, he was always kind of an asshole. We encouraged the wife to do what we wanted.

We didn’t really want serious problems with the ex-husband. He wasn’t the sort of person to trifle with, but he was fun to tease and annoy. Big, brawn and not too bright, he was as fun to annoy as a stupid dog.

However, the ex-husband was more than jealous. He was also possessive and not readily willing to give up. The ex-husband still saw the ex-wife as his wife no matter her current situation. Despite his warnings to her and to everyone else to step back, nobody did. IF anything, these warnings only encouraged others to pursue the ex-wife and annoy the ex-husband. After all, this is fun, and what is the ex-husband really going to do? He isn’t going to do anything.

When the tensions started to rise, we encouraged the ex-wife to defend herself. We even gave her a pistol and encouraged to use it. “Show him the pistol, he’ll back down”, we assured her.

Not only did the pistol not work, but we didn’t give the ex-wife any ammunition. Still, we encouraged her agitated the situation and said that we would come to her assistance (and provide bandages) IF the situation got out of hand.

Then, the house caught on fire…

The local volunteer fire department expressed concern, but it wasn’t in their jurisdiction; most of the members didn’t show up for roll call anyway, and it turns out that they haven’t been attending the training sessions, maintaining their equipment or even paying their taxes for upkeep.

About the same time, we learned that many members of the volunteer fire department had been sleeping with the ex-wife and either owed money or favors to the ex-husband. They didn’t have the money to cover the debts and certainly didn’t want the favors to be called in.

So, they decided to let the house burn, and hope that it doesn’t spread. That didn’t stop them from expressing outrage, or frustration or hypocrisy as they stood around and watched. But, hypocrisy doesn’t put out the flames. Meanwhile, they comforted themselves, believing that they’ve done all that they could do to prevent this tragedy. They would certainly know what to do next time.

So, the house burns down, the ex-wife and kids will eventually die in the flames, and everyone else will stand around watching the fire. All the time, they speak of prayers for the family, ask the question of how this could happen, and try to find a salve that will absolve their consciences of the fact that they really didn’t do anything to stop this whole matter.

After all, this is now and tomorrow is a new day…

No Knock Warrants

A current trend in leadership and administrations is to take away the Dynamic No-Knock Warrants.

I have been in discussions with current trainers, SWAT Operators, Team Leaders, Commanders and Chiefs who are on both sides of the issue. Some wish to continue serving No Knock Warrants while others want to take other approaches. I see the cases for both, but will say times are changing and we must adapt.

You have three areas where dynamic entries are taught:

Active Shooter Response

Dynamic Warrants

Hostage Rescue

Two of the above are a given, Active Shooter Response and Hostage Rescue.

Dynamic Entry Warrants can be still be used and it is a tool in a tool box, but it should not be forgotten. Can the tactics be altered a bit? You bet.


When I served over 30 years ago in the military, Raids, Snatches or should I say “Hits” were all done dynamic. If we were sent, the job was going to get done if we were shot at or not. We pushed through, recovered what or who we were after and exfiltrated off target. We also attempted to minimize collateral damage, but if it happened, it was accepted.

Some of the tactics bled over to the Law Enforcement arena. The military got away with using these tactics overseas. Was it necessary for American LE to use these tactics? Yes and no.

It was a migration of tactics that filled a void and now better ways have evolved in accomplishing missions. I have watched tactics migrate from the military to the LE world and from the LE world to the military.

In recent times, I have heard stories of Special Operations adapting and using surround and callout type tactics when they own the ground and can loiter long term on an operation. However, sometimes they still have to go, execute and get off the X in a short amount of time. The Command and situation will dictate this. The military has the ability to make buildings go away should they take fire from one.

Current Situation

Some Teams still want to use dynamic on High-Risk Warrants. They are generally full time and train with surgical perfection, conducting lots of operations. With that comes confidence and competence. You can get away with it until the day a massive firefight breaks out in a neighborhood and then questions start getting asked. Was there a better way?

Next, do lesser teams, those that are not as competent, see this being done and use this as a reason to conduct their own operations? Yes. Sometimes these lesser teams do not have mature leadership on the team, chain-of-command or in the Department.


Can suspects be picked off open air, in a car, at work, etc.? Yes. This is an area that needs to be explored by current teams and leadership, even to the extent of surround and callouts.

Some tactical teams are that, in name only. Recently, you saw the Feds and an Emergency Assault go less than what I call text book on a Hostage Rescue Operation in Texas. They have all the toys, time and equipment, yet it looked like they had issues from the video that was released.

Can your SWAT team adapt L-VAT (Low Visibility Arrest Tactics)? Yes. Maybe take lessons from the U.S. Marshals on some of their techniques.

Do these type ops take more time and resources? You bet. They are planned, but more fluid, but you have an entire SWAT Team at your disposal for the operation. Too often, larger Tac Teams get on almost an assembly line schedule for their warrants. Every so often, an assembly line will break down.


I have been around when soldiers lost their lives pushing the envelope needlessly. One left behind a wife and young daughter. The organization had to readjust leadership over-night, bury the NCO and continue on with life. This is some of the emotional cost of pushing the envelope.

Reference financial cost, I know of current Law Enforcement administrations that are tied up with literally thousands of hours of paperwork, testimony, officers not back to duty, resulting in multiple trials, both criminal and civil as a result of doing something that was legal, but not smart.


The concept of egos and overconfidence comes into the picture with dynamic HR Warrants. Eventually, and with enough hits, a bad guy will decide to fight back. This will happen in their own house and the team will be at a disadvantage unless they are on their A game.

To their credit, I have known teams that went immediately from dynamic to either a slow down or stop when compromised or on a delayed breach as they knew they lost the element of surprise. It became a barricaded person and a surround and callout.

Times are changing and tactics might have to change with the Courts and District Attorneys. Will they support you on it when it goes bad? Further, will your Chief/Leadership support you when it goes bad?

You as a trainer will have a voice on what should be taught to high-speed teams those that barely function. NTOA used to say that tac teams need 1.5 days a month to maintain proficiency. Many Tactical Teams do not train like they should and 1.5 days a month is not enough to maintain skills.

As an “A” game Team Member or Team Leader and trainer, will the local teams you interact with and train get to your level on Dynamic Raids? Most likely, No.

In the end ask, are there other tactics we can use to accomplish the same mission? Yes.

Can we create low vis apprehension teams out of SWAT that accomplish the same mission open air, in vehicles or with Ruses? Yes. It is time to change and adapt. Surround and call outs are another option as well. Technology has changed as well and you have many technical tools at your disposal to ensure a successful and safe mission.

Does dynamic still need to be taught? You bet, for Active Shooter and Hostage Rescue.

You as trainers will have to think about how to craft future instruction and doctrine, so start now. Is it worth one of your officer’s lives to rescue dope? Or to push when a callout was in order? Choose wisely.



Camp Axe

“Be sure to check in at for our line of Tomahawks and limited-edition blades.”

Also, the shop got in a shipment of chest packs from Tactical Tailor, the best that I have worn.

The shop also has a great supply of P Mags if you are interested.


I have buckets of once fired mostly 9mm and 5.56 brass for sale if anyone is interested.


In the Fall, I may switch the Pistol AIT to a one-day Rifle Low Light and a one-day Pistol Low light. I would make the Rifle AIT a private class. More to follow as I am looking at how this daylight savings plan plays out.


I was able to bring in a dozer and mulcher and get some roads opened up and trees trimmed to include some on sniper hill that want to catch bullets on their way out. Spraying and a tune up of sniper hill is next.

Downed trees and Beavers are, next to pigs, my biggest problem on the property. This one fell in the South bottom where beavers are building dams and plugging culverts. For about a week, it is a daily battle.

Old school methods work to open the road/property line.

As I walk down to the trail to toward the beaver den, they are trying to build small dams to keep their area flooded.

The beaver den is about 10 yards onto the next property south. I will trap and poison them out. It is a yearly job to keep the water flowing. Currently, it is the wet season and once it starts to dry, spraying is in order.


The above is likely a baby Copperhead that found its way into the house while one of the dogs pushed the door open. I almost stepped on him next to the kitchen, but the dog alerted on him and he was dispatched. It is that time of the year in Texas to keep your eyes peeled for Jake the Snake as they will be coming out in force. Last year was a mild showing as we had the hard freeze. This year, they will be playing catch up.


<---Click Here!



Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the range.

Paul R. Howe

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