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July 2021 Training Update




In the future, students need to bring a Thumb Drive of 64G or larger to class to download the class information. Instead of wasting money/time and resources on DVD’s and cases, I will have a multi-port USB attached to the classroom or shop computer that allows students to do a quick transfer to their USB.



27 June 2021

I was able to visit a grave marker re-dedication from the U.S. Daughters of 1812 at a small cemetery off the beaten path in the small town of Mt. Enterprise, TX.

Oran fought in the War of 1812 and moved from NC to Madison County, Tennessee to Nacogdoches County where he passed away. Relatives were able to track his final resting place down and a new headstone was put into place to replace the broken and crumbling one.

The ceremony was short and sweet, all of about 15 minutes with a small local group and relatives. East Texas is dotted with small family, community and church cemeteries. Much history resides in them.

Other grave markers nearby indicated military service and the backside of the above marker was below.

Other grave markers were observed.

The more fortunate soldiers were able to serve and return to be buried. Many on both sides did not have that luxury and I have seen both Northern and Southern buried on both sides of the battle lines in barely marked graves. History, keep it honest and true…

A friend asked me to write on:

Covid origins

Constitutional Carry

Reference COVID, I believed it was either an accidental or controlled release from the Wuhan Lab. All governments, 280+ of them have secret programs going on all the time with varied levels of competency and security. The Chinese Government is in the battle for the long haul.

It taught us a lot about the current make up of our society and leaders.

We have the masker group, some of whom stayed in their homes for a year, afraid of their shadow. Some still lurk out there if you look hard enough.

We were able to see which leaders in the Republican Party were wussies and who were in the go-along politics group and who were leaders. Our state leaders (Texas) were reactionary and political embarrassments:

  • They let police be vilified

  • They let our border go unsecure (and still is) and failed to protect the state

  • They let Austin, our capitol go to shit

  • They did not say “Hell No” to Woke and the liberal, communist scum that infect our land.

All this happened while we were supposed to be masked up. I think it was the biggest propaganda push in our history. Unqualified and monetary motivated “White Coats,” AKA Doctors, looking for fame, money and with political agendas pushed unconstitutional bullshit restrictions and mandates on our country.

Further, government officials, politicians, and some doctors conducted systematic manslaughter of Americans who were old or with pre-existing conditions by not allowing proven drugs to help them. They now push an unapproved vaccine which the media will not report on and any negative effects.

As a result, the American people are pissed. The good news is that many grass roots organizations have sprung up and are starting to take the offensive. Unfortunately, our state Politicians have to take their lead from a Governor in Florida.

Reference Constitutional Carry, I think the 2nd Amendment is plain enough. If you study the history and context it was written, it is simple. Spending a great deal of time defending it and adding layers to it to by the people and organizations is a smoke screen for other illegal and ignorant things the government is doing. If State Governments need to protect their people with additional anti-federal government laws, so be it.

I know liberals and they are lazy, untrained an arrogant. They would be a speed bump should mass confiscation be attempted. Media platforms such as FB and others would be used against any group or government attempting to seize weapons. Locals would retaliate with a violence of action that would be severe as they have been harassed for years and years about gun control and understand that it only means one outcome and that is total of control of the individual and their spirit. As I have said before, Governments have killed as many people as religions, if not more.

As for Open Carry, I think it is quite ignorant and arrogant. While you have a right, you need to take drivers Ed before getting a license to drive a car. Unfortunately, too many Americans will not seek out training on their own to make them safe and competent. The only thing that open carry tells me about an individual is that they want to be shot first during an incident (unless you are in bear country). Check out the below link.

This is a wussie millennial who will not seek out training and a little hot brass causes him to shoot himself in the face. At least he can notch his gun.


We will be offering limited slots for SWAT Instructor in future classes. Instructor students will come in a day early to a scheduled class and learn the teaching methodology along with other critical components of the class. They will then help teach the course. E-mail for a class flyer.


We continue to work on new video content for both the Patreon Operator and Patreon Instructor.

You can visit “The CSAT Way” on FaceBook for video updates.


As Summer progresses, so does the possibility of heat injuries. For us in the South, it is just another hot day. For those travelling from the North, it is a different world, more like hell.

We have high humidity coupled with the heat. 85 degrees plus and moderate activity can put people down within a few hours.

For instructors, we have to watch students and each other. Students flying in from the North are the most susceptible to heat problems. They do not drink enough prior to flying, flying or the drive to the range. They do not acclimate overnight.

I was introduced to DripDrop ORS from one of our instructors who is a Doctor. I have used Gatorade, Squichers and Nunns over the years. I like the DripDrop packets and I preload at the beginning of the day. I will use one packet in two bottles of water and also cut my caffeine intake during training.

The Thermotabs are a Salt Tab and I may take one at dinner for the next day. Each person is different and plan accordingly.

As instructors, watch your students, give plenty of breaks and have extra water on hand. If they don’t have a bottle in hand each hour, they are wrong.


We have a limited amount of ammo that can be purchased for classes. It was purchased at the current higher prices, so expect it if you need some.


The Tac Pistol or Rifle and Medical classes will be medical technical skills to stop the bleeding and stabilize the patient.


None noted this month


Rise of the 1911’s-Again

From one of my experienced instructor students

Paul, Mark said you had seen some Staccato pistols come through classes and you were intrigued by them. I picked one up through their LEO discount program (they take great care of LE) and I have found it to be extremely shootable and reliable. It filled completely up with sand and dust at a SWAT training day we had and it ran flawlessly. So far, it appears to have the positives of the 1911 platform with the capacity and reliability of a glock. More to come…

While he passed the standards with the platform, he cleaned it with his Glock.


When I was selected for special ops, I was issued two single-stack 1911’s that were tricked out for the day. I shot them both for 10 years. They served me well. With that, I grew up on revolvers and could master any trigger to include the 92F, Sigs, CZ’s, etc.

We shot the 1911 platforms until we had cracks in the frames and shot them until the cracks got bigger as there was a frame shortage during that time period.

It was not until I took the 1911 to combat multiple times that I wanted a more rugged pistol. Yes, 1911’s shot well under fair weather conditions, but excessive dust and environmental could hamper their performance and reliability.

Of Guns and Girlfriends

Many times, young men chase new girlfriends and new shooters chase new guns. Eventually both settle down and mature, they will try and be content with one old girlfriend (wife) and one old gun.

I told my friend and instructor student to give me a report after 3-4K rounds on the platform. He is young, unmarried and has disposable income to buy mags, holsters both duty and concealed and has the time to practice with the platform and likes to shoot.

Reality and the big world

Agency heads are always chasing the next platform or gimmick that will allow their personnel to not train and make them a better shooter.

This will just not ever happen… Only repetitive and quality training will make better shooters.

I see Red Dots being chased on pistols. It makes you slower before you become faster. Being slower at close range is not an advantage in my book. Also, most shooters tend to sit back on their heels when shooting red dots vs. changing the attitude of their pistol. They do CQB on their heels, clearing rooms off balance where a running hostage will have the balance advantage.

Next, a lazy iron sight shooter will not train more with a Red Dot. The gimmick will wear off and they will go back to being a toad in the road, leaving a slug trail wherever they go.

This concept applies to the 1911 as well. The trigger will be the most difficult challenge.

You will have to learn it and a duty weapon to be proficient. If a SWAT type carries a 1911 for SWAT, he should be carrying the same on patrol. I believe in one platform for success. If he goes back to a Glock on patrol, it is not mentally and technically efficient. His level of training will defer to what he likes to shoot most, the 1911. It is even worse for a patrol officer that carries a 1911 off duty and a Glock on duty. They simply do not train enough.

I am a believer in one platform.

Cost and training time will be the next big department issue. Guns, holsters, mags, mag pouches, training time, lights, etc. Time is money as well and most agencies will cut training time on weapons and scenario-based training first, on their priority list.

The end reality is that crappy-lazy shooters will be the same, but now with a cool 1911 and red dot.

Spend your money and training time wisely. The human factor is the key and not Gucci gear. I have felt and dry fired the above weapon and it is a class act. I believe it will be a proven performer. Will I jump and switch? No, I shoot a proven performer that I am comfortable with and have shot for years. I will let others test it and give feedback.


I asked Mark and Jamie to put together a prototype package and design I had in my head and this what they came up with. I put in a Hissatsu folder in the picture for size comparison.

While I asked for the bottom Wharncliffe design, I like the middle knife with the tip grind and up swept edge. I think it will cut as well and will be more utility oriented. I like the bottom handle a bit more as it fits my hand better.

I am still working deliberating on the tail/butt. The ones shown will cut you if used as an impact weapon. I had the tails rounded and they feel much better and can still be used as an impact weapon.

They will be wicked sharp in both slicing and stabbing.


The ground has hardened up after 7 days of sunshine and heat. Spraying, mowing and bush hogging are in order.




I am working on cleaning up my books that are stacking up and these two are being read.


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the range.

Paul R. Howe

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