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June Training Update

Updated: Jun 4, 2020


In the future, students need to bring a Thumb Drive of 32G or larger to class to download the class information. Instead of wasting money/time and resources on DVD’s and cases, I will have a multi-port USB attached to the classroom or shop computer that allows students to do a quick transfer to their USB.


  • Impeachment did not work

  • Iran did not work

  • A Virus did not work

I have rewritten and added to this training update several times, watching the new “norm” unfold. While I don’t like to see people hurt or die, it is part of life.

I look at the big picture and the media’s agenda and Antifa’s agenda, which I consider a combat wing of the democratic party. They are a home-grown terrorist organization and need to be dealt with. The other part of this turmoil is the “Opportunists” that have been allowed to become savages with no accountability.

Our police are being used as a punching bag by democratic leadership in cities that wish this turmoil to continue and grow so they can grasp more power. They fail to protect their citizens and to protect private and public property.

It is probably time for regional Militia’s to form to help aid the police. The Police are outnumbered and handcuffed in their responses by democratic leadership. Who is the victim here? The American People and business owners. Also, the police who cannot fight a defensive fight and win. It does not work and never will. You have to be offensive to stop the violence.

So, a black man dies in custody and the riots begin. It is a new norm.

Riots begin, not because of:

  • All the black babies that are aborted

  • Not because of all the black Americans killed by other black Americans in Chicago and other inner cities everyday

Reference the Minnesota case, I am neutral until the following comes back from/about the suspect/victim:

  • Reason for resisting arrest?

  • Criminal history?

  • Toxicology-was he on drugs/alcohol?

  • Pre-existing medical condition?

  • Was he fat and overweight and out of shape?

I do want to hear about the officers past as well and any use of force incidents. Also, the last Use of Force in-service training and why the other officers left the suspect with this officer.

While I have some weak-minded folks that used to be on my FB page see it as a murder, I do not.

  • The suspect/victim had a right to comply with a lawful arrest. Four officers were necessary to make this happen without injury. One officer screwed up.

  • Crooks will lie to police to get an edge in attacking them.

  • Handcuffed suspects have retrieved knives and guns and killed or injured officers in the past.

The Media fans the flames of hatred by their owners, the Democrats and the liberal left.

This story originates in the Mississippi delta. This girl is labeled as “she shouldn’t have been running with that element”.

No reaction from the left.

No reaction from the left.

No reaction from the left.

Here are a couple of other stories. If you need a reason why some humans are savages and need to be treated as such, read the next story.

Also check out the below two incidents.

Above are a few stories you may want to look up and wonder why the media is selective in their coverage.

If you are one of those overly sensitive millennial wussies, critical of the police. Reach down and grab your man or womanhood and become a reserve police officer and ask to work the shittiest beat. See who your clients are, what race, ethnicity, etc. Let me know if it changes your life or perception of the world.

Until then, don’t bitch and get emotional as you only know the story the media wishes you to know. Get out of your Hallmark Channel bubble and see the real world. Unless you are going to put on a uniform and try and make it better at some time in your life, just STFU.

FYI, we used to abuse each other as privates in the military as bad or worse than this incident, during hand-to-hand training, American Ball games and during general grab ass.

As the news continues to unfold, it looks like George Soros and the left maybe hiring domestic terrorists to attack America’s infrastructure. Tough times and decisions are coming for Conservative Americans.

The time for Conservative Americans to take an active part in the rescue of America is at hand. The Police cannot do it on their own. The Police are trying to put a band-aid on an arterial bleed.

The CSAT Way on Facebook

Thank you for all the positive comments on the site. I have been doing a “Myth Buster” Monday for the past few weeks to clear the air. Eventually I will do them on the first Monday of the month. I appreciate your comments and support.

Videos uploaded this month are:

  • Line drill Operator

  • Pistol 1 shot to body from HR Operator

  • Rifle 1 shot to body from LR Operator

  • Handgun presentation issues Instructor

  • How close to stand with students Instructor

A big shout out to Coy who is the cornerstone of the videos behind the camera and the editing. We shoot them as we have time.


Shoot House Instructor added, 17-21 August, Ames Iowa. Flyer should be on the website.


Since buying quality equipment once is important to me, I thought I would start a section of “Weapon Fails” for that month. We are still running lower than capacity numbers in classes,

but we did have another 9mm M & P Shield fail in class (trigger). The owner said he had a trigger job done on it about two months ago.



BC Blade Works in the CSAT Storefront

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