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March 2023 Training Update


NEW FOR 2023

When attending CSAT classes in the future, please have:

· Electronic Ears

· Tourniquet

· Thumb drive

The reasoning behind the Electronic Ears is simple. We want you to hear range commands on the line and during scenarios. Input can be made without shouting.

As for Tourniquets, I watch many a person who have one on their gear, not use it as they don’t want to remove it from the pouch or the plastic. If your tourniquet, is so fragile that it cannot be used for training, you need to buy a different one. You should have training tourniquets as well. If you need one, the Pro Shop will be happy to sell you one.

Finally, bring a thumb drive as it has never been easier and cheaper to collect class information and handouts than at this time in history.


We continue to work on new video content for both the Patreon Operator and Patreon Instructor. As of 1 Jan 2022, we had 170 videos on the site.

We wanted to stock the pond so to speak for the first year. We will slow a bit in adding content as some of the videos will take more time and resources to develop. One will be a well-rounded gym workout series targeting strength and endurance without injury.

I want to add more instructor content and that will require extra live bodies to work with in shooting those videos. I look forward to the challenges.

You can visit “The CSAT Way” on FaceBook for video updates.


I remember when Democrats were anti-war. Now we bomb other countries pipelines and do not expect a response?

What would we do if someone bombed our pipeline?

The double standard is ironic.

At least our Air Force is getting practice shooting down $12 weather balloon science projects with very expensive missiles. Go Big Blue.

As for our railway system, that is another issue. Toxic spills that are blamed on the Trump Administration is the democratic response.

No, it simply seems that the Democrats have scraped the bottom of the humanity barrel in putting every freak show into public office and high-level positions. They wonder why the rest of the world looks at us as a social experiment and scratches their heads.

I have never in my life seen a collection of unworthy misfits appointed to manage our country. Notice I did not say lead. They are not leaders but social experiments and our expense.

In other democratic news, Epstein’s Island travel records are being released. They only confirm the political and Hollywood pedophiles that made the journey, most several times.

As for our national media, it is one step below a tabloid and two-steps above propaganda.


From a friend

In my opinion we are the bad guys.

  • We actively participated in Ukraine regime change to oust the pro Russian legally elected president in 2004.

  • Ukraine was shelling Doneske prior to Russia’s invasion, this is a war which has raged for years.

  • We provoked Russia into invading by reneging on our promise to not allow Ukraine into NATO.

  • We wanted a proxy war.

  • Under Obama we didn't protest Russia taking Crimea, emboldening Russia.

  • We threatened to and did destroy the Nord Stream pipeline.

  • We are happy to fight to the last Ukrainian.

In the end the most Ukraine can hope for is to lose Crimea, Donesk and Luhansk. The best path forward is to negotiate an end to the war and stop the killing and destruction of Ukrainian infrastructure immediately.

We as Americans are constantly being fed false narratives as the media has been infiltrated by our government and agendas. We are the last to know what they are, and this is not what a representative government was meant to be.

While I hate innocent people dying, we must take back control of our government and they must better explain what their goals and objectives are. I could offer a laundry list, but most recently we have armed the Taliban and we have yet to require any accountability.


The Academy

The next Generation is here or will be here shortly. As a trainer, you can ignore shortcomings, or you can prepare for them. As a Professional Trainer, you always prepare.

Too many times Training Staffs and Training Sergeants become ego driven instead of teaching driven. They feel part of ther job is to “punish” the incoming generation for their lack of commitment and knowledge. They also carry the training scar of “I was punished in training, so I will punish”, and push that negative trait forward. This simply does not need to happen.

The Compass of Training

  • Intellectual

    • Oral and Written

    • Self-Management

  • Physical

    • Combatives

  • Firearms

    • Dry Fire

  • Medical

    • Tourniquets

Academy Reception-Intellectual

We know the next generation is deficient in the above areas. Get them reading day 1. Teach them how to self-manage and how to communicate both orally and in writing. Conduct weekly assignments in how to watch and action and how to articulate in writing. Work on oral communications with the public and the chain-of-command.

Self-Management is crucial to their development. Some would term it self-discipline. Most often the incoming generation does not know how to self-manage and self-discipline themselves. They need to be shown how. Trainers need to be non-emotional to this and select the best people for the profession. You have to have the same amount of patience that you have for someone on the street, as if being monitored by a body camera.

You will need to teach them what self-initiative is.

We know their academic and scholastic life did not adequately prepare them for this profession. It is up to you to help them make the leap and not let them fall. Creative writing is a tool to teach writing skills, it is not a good vehicle for this profession. New Cadets need a business writing of sorts. You will have to remedy that gap in their education.

Further, families raise kids in different ways. Some are sheltered, some know the ways of the world. You will be required to calibrate officers in their responses to various situations, they may or may not have encountered or mentally prepared for. Use videos and then replicate incidents in controlled training environments with scripted role players.

Academy Reception-Firearms

As best I can remember, day one of the start of my special ops training, we walked into a classroom and sat at a desk with four assigned weapons and a hand-receipt. We signed for them and took them into our storage areas.

The same should happen to new Academy recruits. A couple of hours each day, you should conduct firearm handing and dry fire classes, way in advance of live fire. This includes disassembly and maintenance.

Instill good dry fire habits early and teach how and where to dry fire safely. This will result in the live fire phase of training being a breeze.

Firearms need to become a priority early in training and they need to be shown how to maintain their skills and practice on their own. Too many will be assigned to departments that don’t have a training ethic. If the new cadet has self-discipline, they can take themselves to higher levels and set the example in their new or assigned agency.

Finally, Police Officers need to be lethal. They also need to know when to be lethal.

Academy Reception-Physical

If you cannot get to the fight, stay in the fight and finish the fight, you will fail.

Physical and Hand Combat help ensure survival. Physical training should be at least five days of the week and take one out to conduct hand combat and cuffing. What gets officers hurt and killed are bad decisions, guns and poor combative techniques. Bad guys train. Officers need to prioritize and train more than their future opponents. Physical training can dovetail in to cuffing session. Efficient training will build superior officers and their survival on the streets will greatly increase survivability.

Academy Reception-Medical

Along with issuing firearms, issue medical gear to include tourniquets. They should bring them to class every day and practice putting them on themselves and their partners. It only takes a few minutes of time. It is medical dry-fire.

Once tourniquets are mastered, then they should learn how to pack wounds.

This train can save lives all around one day. To include themselves, their partners, family members, citizens and suspects.

Make it a priority on day 1.

At one point, have them build personal med kits. Once an officer ensures that security has been established, it is time for the medical to begin. They need to look for work.

Restructure and Retrain Staffs Now

By prioritizing equipment to new cadets, it emphasizes what is important in their new world and better prepares them for the street.

The incoming Generation has been poisoned by Wokeism, TikTok, COVID, Politics and many times a less than stellar educational system. To renew faith in an educational institution, they look toward you and your example.

As their new Instructor and Mentor:

Do you look like a professional officer?

Can you communicate?

Did you take the time to prepare for each class?

Do you practice what you preach?

These simple questions will be asked every day in the minds of your students. Knowing this, you need to “Live the Example” as an instructor.


Finally, unfortunately the profession will get weaker before it gets stronger as there are many in the profession that came in under “old school” training and conditions and want to perpetuate that flawed philosophy.

You are welcome to use, cut and paste the above article


We conducted a Tac Rifle Class recently and a student was having problems getting consistent groups. His fundamentals were sound. His rifle was quality and the barrel twist should have handled the ammo he was shooting without any issues.

The last culprit I checked was his ammo. Most had weak or non-existent crimps. By holding the back of the case and pressing lightly on the bullet/projectile, they easily slid back into the case.

I have observed his happen in the past, mostly to gas guns. During the feeding process, the bullet striking the feed ramp on its way to the chamber can be pushed back in the case causing serious pressure spikes, a dangerous situation and groups that are way too big and inconsistent.

The shooter has contacted Atomic and they have apologized and refunded the ammo he purchased. The shooter lost time in the class and had to switch over to another ammo that was manufactured properly.


This is my day-to-day carry EDC and work knife. It is simple and fits into a front pocket. It is one of the best cutters that BC Blade Works puts out.

Carry methods are huge for your personal knives. I used sticky back industrial velcro on this one to create a “rock forward” effect in my front pocket, so it lays the same way each time for retrieval.

This one has a thumb push off outcrop on top of the sheath to dislodge it in the pocket and come out rapidly with all steel.

Coy just finished a two-day Tactical Knife class and I used a trainer and sheath of this model, built by the shop to work with it in multiple hand combat positions from the ground to my feet to validate its position and deployment and use.

This system works for me. This in conjunction with a hammerless revolver will solve any problem in a grappling mode or standing confrontation.

Sometimes the motto, “To cut is to cure,” applies (stolen from a sign outside our aid station a long time ago).

“Be sure to check in at for our line of Tomahawks and limited-edition blades.”


Pigs were getting aggressive on sniper hill and I have been thinning the herd with a bolt gun. I hit this one at about 200 yards with a .308, 168 grain AMAX and it still went 25-30 yards before expiring.


Looking for work...



Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the range.

Paul R. Howe

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May 24, 2023

Heard you on Glenn beck radio we appreciate all your efforts in protecting schools in Texas bc there should be not one school in the country that is not protected thank you for achieving this goal.

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