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September 2022 Training Update


In the future, students need to bring a Thumb Drive of 64G or larger to class to download the class information. Instead of wasting money/time and resources on DVD’s and cases, I will have a multi-port USB attached to the classroom or shop computer that allows students to do a quick transfer to their USB.


We continue to work on new video content for both the Patreon Operator and Patreon Instructor. As of 1 Jan 2022, we had 170 videos on the site.

I want to add more instructor content and that will require extra live bodies to work with in shooting those videos. I look forward to the challenges.

You can visit “The CSAT Way” on FaceBook for video updates.



While logistically and tactically unsound, adding 87,000 IRS agents is a tactical fantasy. First, my CPA complains that the IRS is understaffed and he can never get in touch with them for a question. I wonder why? Federal mismanagement in a word.

To try and add 87K shooters to its ranks would take decades of training academies. Finding accountants that can shoot is one major problem. Who would train them and where, is the next logistical problem. Then, training them in our complex tax code is another.

I see it as propaganda but let us say they did start the training. It should be a requirement for a new agent to help with the audit of a current politician, cabinet member or governmental agency head, before they graduate. The above-mentioned folks should be audited every three years to keep them honest.

On the other hand, can this be a new Gestapo for the Federal Government, or should I say Democratic Party? A government who democrats try and craft to be totalitarian or simply a dictatorship.

Tactically, you would pull all the rabble rousers and Antifa scum from across the nation into one pool that could be easily identified. The left has not thought this out.


Selective Enforcement is the use by Democrats of the FBI. Seeded with political scum by Obama, this rogue organization has lost all its credibility. Once the gold standard for LE, it is now a bunch of political stooges who have aligned themselves with the left. While there are still good agents in the field, the leadership in my opinion has violated their oath of office and the constitution.

The above targets are more viable and obvious than our former President. We have a swamp in DC, a dark, nasty smelling, filthy swamp of people who do not represent the rest of the country.

As an Independent voter who watches both sides line their pockets when they are in power, it disgusts me. The Media is complicit in this power struggle as well as they have taken sides for that of the corrupt politicians.

The vast majority of the “Jerry Springer” generation in America care more about being entertained and their personal comfort than the values, morals, ethics and fiscal responsibility.

If you compare both political parties to two parents in a family, you can see the reasons for divorce. One party is fiscally irresponsible and spends in all directions, causing the family to go bankrupt. This is the Democratic party in our country. The Republicans are not much better as they have allowed this to happen and only attempt to intervene at election time. I have never received this many requests via e-mail for money from political candidates. I want representatives that work 24/7 and 365 days a year during their terms.

How can the states fight back from the Federal oppression? States could simply turn off the power and water to federal agencies who abuse their powers. If states did this to all the satellite agency locations and only allowed one closely monitored station in a major city, the feds would lose their overreach. They would have to have the local LE help them with their investigations.

Next, our educational system has dumbed down our kids for generations and colleges are the finishing touch in their ignorance and sometimes outright subversion.

Parents are just now starting to fight back about all the woke, immoral and socialist thought processes that are being injected in our schools by leftist teachers and professors.

The left allowed rioting in our country for over a year and actually applauded the violence. January 6th is simply a sham trial by the left. It cannot even be called a trial as they are not following the rules of law.

Some say that the upcoming elections are rigged. This is a mental ploy to get the weak minded not to vote. We need to vote. We need to watch closely and monitor. The January 6th sham has voided the Jury Box. As has been said, after the Ballot box is the Cartridge box.

The choices are simply. You can either stand now, while you can and vote, or be at the whims of an excessive Federal Government who wants you on your knees by one political party.

We The People are the true power of our nation and many have forgotten this.


A Liberal Trail of Tears start when Americans elect a liberal city council or hire a liberal City Manager. These types bring in likeminded types and the trickle-down impact reaches all the way down to the patrol officer.

City Managers want wimpy lap dog Police Chiefs and staff who will surrender any real leadership for the job with four-stars and a healthy retirement.

In turn, the new wimpy Chief’s surround themselves with yes men and equally impotent lap dogs to include the training staff. The new training motto is, “if we don’t train, we cannot have any accidents.” It is a poison within the department.

When speaking of Uvalde, how many Sergeants, Lieutenants and SWAT Officers were on scene that knew to push the fight, but failed to do so? They should all be fired. We are witnessing the watering down of LE training and the rise of “Lap Top Commandos” over the past decade.

I have watched the decline of Law Enforcement training for the last ten years and it has been enabled by political leadership, caving into the whims of impressionable young officers. Instead of meat and potatoes training, they throw perks like beards and tattoos at the officer. Solid repetitive training is put on a back burner. No wonder we get a massive failed response like Uvalde.

Team Leaders, whether patrol or SWAT, are the first line of fighting leadership in any organization. Without them the battle is lost. 376 is the number of responders in Uvalde. Maybe 370 did not push. Gut or neuter your tactical leaders and this is what you get, failed outcomes.

I have watched the Tactical Team Leader Classes of the past, morph into tabletop exercises and be sure to bring your laptop in the syllabus. No physical requirements or full equipment exercises rotating leadership duties, but tame and wussified classroom sessions. The concept that no sergeant or potential sergeant should have to prove themselves or break a sweat is embraced by the current crop of LE trainers. As a result, a generation of unproven leadership has been fielded.

The new LE generation wants shinny things and the ability to chase fad tactics. I watch Gucci trainers showing students how to switch shoulder with their AR platforms and to do CQB tactics that looks like a spastic new JR. ROTC drill team at their first practice. These same officers do not see that they have to teach patrol these techniques and we still have patrol who cannot properly load their duty rifles. Fads are allowed as a mental diversion by department leadership.

Where is the adult leadership to help guide the training sergeants? Someone needs to keep them on track with solid training. Too many in LE Leadership are busy chasing their next promotion instead of doing their job. As a parent would guide their own children, leaders guide the trainers in their agency. This is a result of too many meat-eaters leaving the ranks due to politics. They vote with their feet.

This lack of adult supervision will haunt LE for the next decade. The same applies to the watered-down training. More Uvalde’s will likely come.

In contrast to the Uvalde response, a civilian, Mr. Dicken took out a bad guy on short notice of what many now think was an impossible shot. In 1994, I attended and passed the FBI Firearms Instructor Course where we qualified at 50 yards with either a revolver or semi-automatic pistol. Much history of firearms has been watered down and lost in just a couple of decades. Once a standard, now it is a long-forgotten memory. Everyone who has no clue about training is raving about a “new drill” or standard. At least the fad chasers have a new drill to work on.

When you vote liberal, you are going to get an impotent police department for the most part. You might get lucky and get a meat eater of an officer when you call.

The reality is for civilians, there has never been a time where you might need to defend yourself more than now. Police have been neutered. You should see the writing on the wall and sharpen your skills or acquire new ones as it will take at least a decade to rebound. Train, or be the victim you were destined to be.

Finally, a guy in the gym asked me if I was worried that they (the Left and their Kool-Aid Drinkers in LE) were going to come and get our guns. I said, “No,” I am not worried a bit. Over 370 could not go into a school with one bad guy, put him down and save kids. Do you really think they are going to do well when approaching former Combat Veterans who are tired of the bullshit and just wanted to be left alone?


Claymore Bags from Tactical Tailor

“Be sure to check in at for our line of Tomahawks and limited-edition blades.”



A friend of mine shared this pic of a kaboom he had with his AR. I called him as soon as he sent it because I wanted to get the story. He said a friend of his gave him some reloaded ammo, he thinks it was an over-charged round.

When I started to dig into the details, he added that he loaded his magazine, chambered a round, pulled the trigger and kaboom. Being that he had not shot several rounds then kaboom, I suspected an obstructed bore and suggested that. He said that is highly unlikely, because it worked fine the last time he used it... during training... with Simunition rounds. Well, there ya go.

I suggested he add the safety protocol of punching the bores when they come off of sim scenarios as the sim rounds often leave the projectile stuck in the chamber, even if you don't fire them, just by chambering them.

Just sharing because I appreciate the attention to detail, especially in the instructor safety protocols, at CSAT.


The Fall schedule has been a challenge. Law Enforcement classes are making a comeback along with School Guardian classes. I am going to change the Rifle/Pistol AIT until the January timeframe, so we have adequate low light (darkness) to perform the drills. I am also waiting to see how the time change is implemented.


Africa Hot and Mowing is all there is to report….


All quiet…...



Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the range.

Paul R. Howe

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3 commentaires

Gunsand Bulkammoonline
Gunsand Bulkammoonline
26 nov. 2022

27 oct. 2022

Thank you Paul Howe, when I came to train with you several years ago I took away many valuable lessons and have passed on many of them to hundreds of others in training and in life. I believe that the adults in the room have to stand up and speak the truth, especially if it isn’t popular with the current culture. My hope is someone, ”The one,” will hear the truth, and bring the others back.


04 sept. 2022

This is both a great summary of where we are and a challenge for what we need to do. Keep up the good work!

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