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September Training Update


In the future, students need to bring a Thumb Drive of 64G or larger to class to download the class information. Instead of wasting money/time and resources on DVD’s and cases, I will have a multi-port USB attached to the classroom or shop computer that allows students to do a quick transfer to their USB.


It seems Antifa is controlling BLM. It looks like they have to focus on one city at a time and they ship their ground troops to the next city to cause problems.

Our media fails to report their antics. Most appear to be “video warriors” who would have their clocks cleaned if some pipe hitters were allowed to engage them. A full out fight would mean their destruction. They are lucky American Law Enforcement are required to handle them with kid gloves. Without that buffer, American Patriots would hunt them for their Black Shirts, like scalps of yesteryear.

With that, criminals and opportunists will use these times to come out and play. Prepare yourself when travelling. One wrong turn can put you into a group of them as the Austin driver found out (good job on dumping AK man).

Many Americans have a false sense of security (and arrogance) in that they have guns and a little ammo, but don ‘t have the technical know how in employing their weapons or setting up security positions. Your house is your last line of defense and you want to stop them before they get into your home.

As for training, I consistently see middle age to older Americans who have a safe full of guns, but have no clue as to safely employ them, zero, or maintain them. From someone in the profession, it looks like they are holding them for someone else to take.

We are simply at a point in time where many Americans are too far removed from the basics of firearm handling of yesteryear. Unless they have served in combat arms in the military and keep their skills up, they need a tune up. Then generally, a four to eight-hour training session helps them to snap back into the game.

The CSAT Way on Facebook

You can visit “The CSAT Way” on Facebook for video updates.


I am about sold on a 3-4-hour training range session for LE, strung out over multiple times a year for a normal agency.

The pluses are:

  • It accommodates and officer’s attention span. If you go past lunch, you lose them.

  • They can still get other work accomplished during that training day

  • Multiple time a year will help the material “stick”


Officers are starting to walk. It is okay. Keep the mentally strong around you. If times get tough and it is not for them, let them vote with their feet. They may have family issues or they may be someone you do not want in a fight.

Some Officers say people don’t like us. It is okay. You are not in a popularity contest. A few Americans are turbo ass-clowns not deserving of your protection. Remember you, deal with less than 5% of the duds on a daily basis. You are not there to be liked, but to serve and protect.

Thing will change. They always do.

Liberals control the media and ramp up emotions of the ignorant liberal fuck-sticks in America during election time. The media, except for a small few are liberal douche-bags as well. Tune them out. I have to. They put a BLM commercial on the Western Movie channel. The worthless corporate bitches that made that decision got the channel changed in under two-seconds. I will watch it again in 30 days to see if the propaganda is gone.

Keep a positive focus during these uncomfortable times. First, draw your circle of good people in and keep your lines of communications open. Check on each other. Also, understand that there are a great deal of good Americans counting on you. Focus on protecting the physically weak Americans that cannot defend themselves. Quietly know there are a great deal of pipe-hitters that are standing by and are quietly waiting to see how far this bullshit is allowed to go.

If you are current LE, you can have weak, mediocre or strong leadership. Likely, you have weak to mediocre as I have found that 80% of my career in the military, leadership was mediocre to weak. Every so often you would have a kick-ass leader, but eventually the system would force them out. Get used to it. Great leaders are few and far between. Enjoy them when you have them. The current system will promote “boot licks,” suck-asses and political affirmative action figures like the current Houston, Texas Chief of Police.

Setting up “defensive perimeters” around police stations to protect your infrastructure is not proactive policing. We do not win battles by being on the defense unless it is used as a ruse to draw the enemy out. I and other conservative Americans know this mindset is due to the liberal politicians holding back the liberal Chiefs and sometimes it is the liberal Chief’s as well.

Allowing businesses to burn, rioters to riot and destroy and hurt at will Americans without police action is unamerican and pathetic. It is what the liberals want. Chiefs and Sheriff’s are allowing domestic terrorists to bring chaos to our country with no repercussions.

Part of my job is being a therapist and emotional support buddy. I get several calls a month of folks that have hit their emotional wall/frustration point with the bullshit. I let them vent and put it in perspective. Part of session is to help them understand of weak spineless leadership in place and that they don’t have to be that way.

On the civilian side are people who are standing their ground, like the young man in Kenosha, who with little training, took it to multiple domestic terrorists. Think about what five former mil guys with training could do if they put their minds to it. It should scare these domestic terrorist.

Channelize your frustration into:

  • Physical Training

  • Tactical Training

  • Technical Training (Guns/Knife/Hands)

  • Finally, check on your buddies daily if needed

Avoid bringing negative emotions home and try to leave it at work.

With that, use-of-force is what it is and you never lose your right to defend yourself or your fellow officer. If you have to dump a turd, you will get time off to do more PT, Shoot and see your family. It will be adjudicated eventually, so keep a positive mindset.

The shithead population has grown and become emboldened under the democratic party. The democrats are made up of disillusioned psychos, perverts, street thugs, Antifa and BLM. It is simply out in the open for all to see.

I believe that affirmative action all these years has caused many of our problems. Trying to make perceived equality where it is not needed. The reality is, you are either qualified or you are not. Making excuses for your skin color, gender, or sexual preference does not make you equal. Your performance does. Butthurt liberals want this fantasy land world that does not exist. With affirmative action, they simply accelerate resentment and dissolve equality in our country and bring down morale in government agencies.

It is a tough mental time, more than a physical. In the end, you get to go home, see your family, eat and shower at the end of the day. I remember many a day in the mil that I did not have those luxuries and could not go home at the end of a good or bad day and got some rest sweaty and dirty. Keep your position in perspective.

Create a positive mental in yourself and those around you. Infect them in a positive way.


We almost had a fail during one of our August classes. A new student had sold his 300 Blackout, but left a loaded mag in his 5.56 rifle case. He did not mark the mags and tried to load his BO Mag into his 5.56 rifle.

One of our instructors caught it (good job Joe).

In short, we recommend marking all your mags, especially if you have different ammos in look-alike mags. An inexpensive paint-pen from Hobby Lobby will work


Coy was able to knock the above pig down on one of his walks with a G26 and Speer Gold Dot 115 HP.

300 Ham’r

I have been shooting a carbine length 300 Ham’r from Wilson Combat and I am impressed. It does not have the weight of a .308 platform, but packs a punch.

I engaged these at 110 yards with irons from the standing position. There was instant feedback when they were hit and only went a couple of yards after their initial drop.

It feels like a man’s gun when I shoot it and the recoil is a bit stouter than the 5.56, but it easily handled. Further, you can make fast follow up shots as seen below. I am pretty sure there was a third hog, but I don’t crawl in the brush after them anymore.

The knock down is unlike a hit from a 5.56. You get a visual when you connect and you see your sights settle back on target. I am shooting 150 grain bullets at this time and using Iron Sights are keeping my fundamentals honed. I have been called “Old School,” and I embrace the term.


I call it my Copperhead knife. When I am mowing, if I see a Copperhead, I grab a stick, pin it and as they say, “to cut is to cure.” Needless to say, they are out and I have killed 4-5 snakes already this season and at least 4 in my yard. I am trying to keep my dogs from finding the snakes before I do.

On a side note, we have many Hawks that dive in and snatch snakes up. I watched one Hawk dive into a bush and pull one out. Another grabbed one a few yards from me on the range the other day.

I left the above snake on the wood pile for one of our Hawks to have an easy meal of.

The Upper Knife is set up for a front pocket deep carry. I wrap the sheath in vet wrap so as not to wear the pocket and to help stick when I retrieve the knife. The handle style is surprisingly comfortable and secure. Also, the design of the handle rocks the knife forward in the pocket, toward centerline. The top of the sheath allows a “push off’ point as well when retrieving the knife. Deep pocket conceals the entire unit and keep is clean. Also, it can be retrieved with one hand as the sheath is designed to snag on the pocket and remain there.

The bottom knife is set up for a left-hand draw for when I carry appendix on the right side. There is enough handle left on both knives to sufficiently dimple a cranium.


Did a little dirt work this month, preparing for the onset of Winter. The back trails are clear and ready for walking and stalking…


I have put out a book on Amazon, The CSAT WAY. It is self-published and just shy of 300 pages. My concept was to put out a shooting manual for my instructors and let those interested in the system have the same knowledge. There is a note column on the sides so you can take notes and the format is much the same as Leadership and Training for the Fight.


“ALL THE WAY TO BERLIN” by James Megellas

First, it is a good book. I like the author as he was an “old school” Lieutenant who led from the front and gave credit to the fire teams, squads and platoons who really made things happen on the battlefield and throughout the war. He has quiet distain for upper leadership as former mil folks will relate to.

He wrote the book years later and pieced experiences by detailed letters he had written home. I wish more authors would have written down their experiences at the end of the war in better detail in the areas of tactics, day-to-day life, etc. For example, they did 10 miles runs in their day, likely in boots. How fast? The Airborne Shuffle speed (some will be familiar with it)?

Further, I would like to know their courses of fire when on the range, etc.

In all, a great book to add to your collection. Worth the read.


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the range.

Paul R. Howe

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