• Paul Howe

February 2021 Training Update



In the future, students need to bring a Thumb Drive of 64G or larger to class to download the class information. Instead of wasting money/time and resources on DVD’s and cases, I will have a multi-port USB attached to the classroom or shop computer that allows students to do a quick transfer to their USB.


When I look at our nation, I still see unlimited potential. There are too many problems to mention here in detail, but I will simply state a few observations.

Moral Compasses are broken at many levels. We have corporate wars raging with each other while countries are vying for dominance at an international level.

With the rise of technology, we have been lulled into the ease of the internet, all while being spied upon and losing our privacy. Personal information is being mined and used for many times other than honorable practices.

Unfortunately, the government has many agreements with the tech companies that we will never know. When the government is seeded with leftists as is happening right now, they can turn their spyware toward the American people and political parties.

Further, the left does not have a moral compass as they are in the “anything goes” mode of leadership. They wish compliance without question. Sorry, that will not work out well as it is not in our DNA.

Censorship is happening on social media platforms for both good and bad purposes. Much of it is done to stifle conservative thought, just because they don’t want your opinion. I censor on our FB platform when people get ignorant and rude. Unproductive comments get deleted at least twice a day when I have access to a computer.

I have also signed up for several other communications programs, most I am just now getting used to. The leftists in our country know the importance of controlling communications.

Due to IT Corporate domination, I am working on shifting The CSAT Way to a stand-alone site one day. It is in the works. I don’t care for where I am at currently, but I am allowed to get my messages out as long as I stay civil. I have only had one video covered up. They have fulfilled their business obligations to date.

I also have a proton e-mail shortly for more security. Yes, you have to pay for it, but tech companies get a lot more from you when their services are free. I am also dumping Google and going to DuckDuckGo as a search engine.

Laziness and apathy can go hand in hand with technological advancements. Yes, we get lazy in many ways. With our youth, technology can suck their brain activity out. By continued focus into a phone, it steals their mental energy which in turn nullifies any physical activity. As a result, we have the most out of shape generation ever and it trickles down to military and law enforcement physical standards. In the civilian world, people get sicker and basically just fall apart earlier in life.

In politics and in life, money talks. Massive amounts of money talks and when huge blocks of the American people vote with their dollars, it gets corporates attention. It may force them to change their values where now they are lacking. I hope the Super bowl craters. I know it happening in the near future, but don’t really care.

For those of you angry, you have a right to be. Learn to channelize the rage/energy into positive work. Channelize your money into conservative organizations.

As for our country, government and freedoms, it is like a plane that does not have an automatic pilot. We have to constantly watch everything to include gauges, the horizon, weather, etc. We as a people have failed to do that with our government. We focused on making money and a high quality of living and forgot to steer the plane. When I used to MFF-Military Free Fall, we had an AOD or Automatic Opening Device that would open our parachute in the case we were knocked out during freefall or lost situational awareness.

Well, our AOD as Patriots just went off. What are the problems we face?

The Media is corrupt and can spin mental toxic waste and disinformation for the left as it is who they have chosen to represent. They can also stay silent on critical issues that should be addressed.

Another problem is our elected representatives who fail to represent us and instead represent other countries for profit. They commit treason at best when they sell out.

Replacing liberal educators with conservatives who believe in the country and who teach accurate history should be a goal in the future. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

Even certain corporate executives want to play the left against the right and their attempts to monopolize and crush the independent small businesses and can be seen when driving by Wal Mart. You don’t have to completely quit, but throttle back. I have not been to a Wal Mart in months and do not plan on going back.

Simply put, we have a great deal of work to do. It starts with the local politicians, DA’s and Judges we elect. If we choose poorly, we all suffer the consequences.

So, your AOD just went off and how are you going to change your life and the destiny of our Country?

Finally, the COVID scam is what it is, a control mechanism of the people. If I were a foreign power and I wanted to get rid of LE Heads and the Medical Providers in a country, I would create a pandemic and then create a “special” vaccine. I am more than ever convinced this was an engineered bioweapon and I am inclined to believe it was delivered by controlled releases as well as human delivery systems (infected people). I am going to wait at least 90 days to see how those who have been vaccinated respond to both shots they receive. It may be safer to get COVID than to receive the vaccine.

Unfortunately, much of the medical profession in our country sold it’s soul for COVID stimulus money instead of having a solid plan and comprehensive information campaign. So where is the Flu this year? All COVID, all the time. Seize the money.

Finally, be prepared for elements of the government to be used against the American People as was done with the IRS in the past. Also, passive support will be given to Antifa, BLM and the Left by LE, Judges, Governors, Mayors, City Council and who do not referee to the same standards as conservatives. We have already seen this in our recent past and these illegal efforts it will be ramped up. It is funny that they now want to investigate conservatives, but for the last year they sat on their hands when our cities were being burned and businesses looted.

To the groups like BLM, LGBTQ and the like, be careful of being used by the democratic party as they will cast you aside like a disposable tool.

Wired Article

First, I am not anti-journalist. I did my Master’s Thesis over 20 years ago on “Media Distancing and the Military.” That project would not have been successful without the help of several “old school” Vietnam era journalists who were exceptionally professional and helpful. I learned a great deal more about the conflict from them.

Initial Wired request:

I was contacted by “Zak” from wired magazine with a short deadline on and article while I was running a training class. Having dealt with many professional journalists in the past, (which I had time to “cross vet” and determine their legitimacy and quality of work), I politely told him I was not interested.

I did try and call him twice on the e-mail number, but could not get through to verify who he was or the intent of the article. I don’t give out information on a whim to those I have not cross referenced.

A quick review of him and his publication indicated to me that they were a bit too left leaning for me. Further, I don’t like hasty interviews as they are generally not thought out and a last-minute response.

I have read the article a couple of times and I don’t get too excited about their comments. The author, Rachel, did little to research her schools and trainers. It reads more like a personal journey of failure. At one point stating she cried after a training scenario.

After reading about her shooting history (one week at Gunsite), it was evident she was not ready for the training her tactical trainer of choice put her through. Running a Tactical Team on a live fire exercise in a two-day class is not where I would put a new student. This was a poor decision by her instructor.

Finally, her quotes about me were taken out of context and it simply confirms that sloppy journalism is their standard.

Zak Jason

Tue 1/12/2021 11:14 AM


Hi Paul,

Zak Jason here, WIRED's research chief. I'm fact-checking a forthcoming story on the growth of tactical training. Much of the piece centers on a visit to a tactical training site in Arizona—other trainers and training courses are briefly mentioned, yours included. Would you have a few minutes today or tomorrow to confirm the following details? If a phone call is easier, please let me know if there's a time convenient for you.

1. Are you based in Texas?

2. Is it accurate that you teach tactical training to both law enforcement and civilians, as well as other tactical instructors?

3. Are you a veteran of the Special Forces?

4. What is your assessment of the events on the Capitol on January 6? Did you see elements that were successful or not successful about the events of the day? Since the event, have the opinions you expressed in your December and January newsletters changed in any way?

5. What is your process for vetting interested participants in your Patriot Tactical Training classes?

Thank you very much.


Zak Jason

Senior Associate Editor, Research, WIRED


I Am Not a Soldier, but I Have Been Trained to Kill

The article was written by:

Rachel Monroe

Marfa, TX


01.15.2021 07:00 AM

This is the blurb about me that was taken out of context.

After the election, some of these latent strains in the tactical world became more overt. Texas-based tactical trainer and special operations veteran Paul Howe, who teaches both law enforcement and civilians (as well as other tactical instructors), announced a special Patriot Tactical Training course, which would “cover actions that may be needed during these dangerous times.” He declared in his newsletter that Biden’s election was illegitimate. “This means Use of Force rules are out and it will be up to individuals and groups to determine what is ‘Reasonable,’” he wrote. “Serious times require serious Americans.”

After reading the article and the short paragraph about me, I have decided to respond in this training letter (and on The CSAT Way).

I am based in Texas.

I am a Veteran of Special Operations.

We teach everyone how to protect themselves:

  • Law Enforcement

  • Government

  • Military

  • Civilians

  • Church Security

  • Teachers/School Staff

  • Corporate Security

  • Instructors

As for it being a fair election, I don’t believe it was. There was no continuity of security measures, Voter ID, or anything else that resembled a secure and honest election. It was less secure than some third-world countries I have visited.

Will I train Americans in defensive training? You bet. Will I train them to be offensive? Yes. Pulling a trigger is offensive. Running away (if you can) is defensive. Further, letting someone beat or stab you in defensive. Fighting back is offensive. If a team in the National Felon League (NFL) only played defense in a game, they would always lose.